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There are different processes for applying to a study placement in a Master course of study.

Allocation of study placements in Master courses of study is a two-step process. First your application arrives at the correct office. This is either the Registrar's Office, for Germans and individuals with a German educational qualification, or the Division of Admissions and Social Affairs.

During the first step, we check whether your application is admissable. Formal requirements include

  • Completeness of the application
  • Submittal before the deadline
  • Review of the status fo the university, where you acquired your Bachelor (not all international universities are recognized in Germany)
  • Review of the status of the course of study, you were studying
  • Calculation of the average grade of your transcript

In the second step, your appliction is sent to the course of study examination board. The examination board checks to see if you are qualified enough to continue to study in your desired Master course of study. The content of your Bachelor course of study is compared to Bachelor studies at RWTH Aachen. If you have by and large studied the same content with the same amount of depth, you can be admitted. In order to have better prospects during this review, you should include descriptions of the courses you took with your application. A diploma supplement is also helpful. Some subject require a particular additional form during this process, on which you have to fill out what courses from your Bachelor studies correspond to the required content at RWTH Aachen. The more the courses correspond, the better your chances are of being accepted.

Applicants often ask if a certain grade is required on the Bachelor diploma. This is currently not the case. However, applications with below average grades have a low chance of success, since we assume that you did not learn the content of studies to the required degree.