Allocation Restricted Admission Master


Step 1

You must first register in RWTHonline. Using the "applications" app you can submit one or more applications. Please make note of the current application deadlines. All documents required for admission must be uploaded or, if indicated in the application wizard, submitted by mail or in person by the late document submission deadline.

Late documents can be submitted by February 1 for the summer semester and by August 1 for the winter semester. If your application is incomplete after this deadline, it will not be considered. If the deadline is on a Sunday, federal holiday, or a Saturday, the deadline ends at the end of the corresponding day and is not extended to the next business day.

Step 2

In the next step, the Registrar's Office checks to see if the formal prerequisites are fulfilled.

If the formal prerequisites are not fulfilled, you will receive a rejection letter after the application deadline has passed.

You can use the self service function in RWTHonline to view the current status of your application. You will also be informed here of any missing documents. We recommend regularly checking your application status before the application deadline – January 15 for the summer semester and July 15 for the winter semester – and before the late document submission deadline – February 1 for the summer semester and August 1 for the winter semester – to ensure that no documents are missing and you can participate in the allocation process.

The Registrar's Office will only notify you via the Self Service about any missing documents. It is your responsibility to regularly check your application status.

Step 3

Review of the disciplinary requirements, that is review of admission, admission with provisions, or rejection, is the sole responsibility of the examination boards in the faculties.

Step 4

The preliminary process value is calculated in accordance with the current version of Section 7 Paragraph 4 of the RWTH Aachen Selection Process Regulation for Locally Restricted Admission Courses of Study from May 3, 2009. If you submit documentation of your final grade for your Bachelor's course of study, this will be taken into consideration when compiling the application ranking.

Particularities for the Selection Process in the Business and Economics Master's Course of Study

The School of Business and Economics has decided that in addition to the preliminary Bachelor's grade, which counts for 51 percent, the result of a subject-specific study aptitude test, the so called TM-WISO, will be counted for 49 percent in the selection process. We highly recommend taking the TM-WISO test. Applicants who do not take the test will have zero points assigned to the test result during the selection process.

This does not apply to applicants, who have already completed Master's or Diplom studies. The regulations for second-degree students apply to these applicants. In this case, a value is created from the final grade of the Master's or Diplom studies and the applicant's reason for the second degree. Second-degree students are thus not required to take the TM-WISO test.

Please note that there a limited number of dates available to take the test. Find out about dates, deadlines, and locations, where the test will be offered, as early as possible at

Step 5

Admission and rejection letters can be downloaded from the self service no later than mid-March for the summer semester and no later than mid-September for the winter semester.

You can upload some of the documents needed for enrollment in RWTHonline. Other documents must be submitted in person to the Registrar's Office or via mail. Please note that you must enroll by the deadline provided in your admissions letter.