Master's Allocation Process


The first university degree is what? RWTH Aachen offers a broad spectrum of Master's programs.



According to the current edition of Section 49, Paragraph 7 of the North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act, individuals possessing a career-qualifying degree have access to a Master's course of study that builds on their initial degree. A career-qualifying degree in accordance with the respective exam regulations, is present if an accepted first university degree is documented through the educational background for the Master's course of study. We differentiate between open admission and restricted admission Master's courses of study.

Legal Information

The legal basis for the admission process in restricted admission Master's courses of study is the allocation regulation of the state and admission by-law of RWTH Aachen, that is the Vergabeordnung NRW. For locally restricted admission courses of study and open admission Master's courses of study it is the current enrollment regulation of RWTH Aachen.

The Allocation Process

The allocation process is broken down into four or five steps. We explain this to you for