Basic Course: University Studies – the Transition Made Easy


Tips and Hints for Beginning Students



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University studies are like a new adventure. There's something new to discover, learn, and experience. As a new student, you are encountering a world full of new impressions, challenges, possibilities, rules, and people.

How and when do university studies start? What will I take on? What awaits me? What do I need to know at the beginning and then during my studies? Who can help me and then where do I go from there? What is different than in school? How do I learn to study and organize my work? In order to make your start at university easier, we give you a toolbox full of resources in the basic course.

The following themes will be presented in these explanatory videos:

  • Brief Information on the City of Aachen/RWTH Figures, Facts, and University Structure
  • Studies – Facts and Terms
    • Schedule
    • Module
    • Teaching Formats
  • Tips and Tricks on Studying at University
  • Who Can Help Me for What Topics at RWTH? Tips on Daily Student Life
  • What Else Is Part of My Student Life?
    • Free Time
    • Volunteering
    • Building Your Profile

Please note that the basic course does not focus on how to create your timetable using RWTH’s web-based Campus Management System RWTHonline. This topic will be covered in your tutorial groups and by Faculty representatives as part of the First-Year Orientation events. In order to get familiar with RWTHonline, we advise you refer to the guidelines and explanatory videos available on the RWTHonline webpages.

Course Format

The basic course will be available as an online course format via the RWTHMoodle learning platform at any time from September 1, 2022, for enrolled first-semester students. Explanatory videos on the above-mentioned topics, study videos, as well as links to important contact persons at RWTH, and further websites are the main components of the online basic course.

In order to clarify questions regarding the contents of the basic course, various debriefing appointments will be provided in a group format via Zoom with the Student Advice Centre in late September. The specific dates and Zoom links are posted in the Moodle classroom. Please feel free to use this opportunity to get in touch with students and student advisors at RWTH before you start your studies.

Target Group

The basic course is targeted towards new RWTH students in all faculties and courses of study.

Registration Modalities

You can register from September 1, 2022.

First things first: in order to register for the basic course, you must already be enrolled for the first semester at RWTH Aachen University and have a TIM ID. You can find information on the TIM ID on the Online Services page.

Please click on the Basic Course link to register. Please note that it is absolutely necessary to use this link when registering for the first time!

Afterward, you will get to the general RWTHmoodle page. There you will find a registration box in the upper right corner. Please login with your TIM ID. A new window titled "Self-enrollment Basic Course" will then open. Please enter the necessary details there. After enrolling, you will get to the RWTHmoodle Basic Course classroom, which you can access at any time with your TIM ID via the general RWTHmoodle page. The course content will be available to you until January 31, 2023.

The RWTHmoodle privacy policy can be found on the RWTHmoodle page below.

Please note that these events will be held in German.