Trial Studies


As an applicant with a vocational qualification, you can also start trial studies in those courses of study without restricted admission. Successful completion of trial studies entitles applicants to studies in the respective course of study.

Trial studies are considered successful for those students, who did not pursue related studies during their vocational training or their vocation, if

1. at least 20 credit points or ECTS can be proven during each trial semester in a Bachelor course of study or

2. in those courses of study requiring a final state or church exam, at least two thirds of successful studies or exam performance can be proven, that are required by the respective studies and exam regulations within the finished trial semester.

During the trial studies are enrolled in your selected course of study at RWTH Aachen, just like a regular student. Your studies are no different from theirs. You are just "trying studies."

Trial studies last two semesters. After trial studies, those individuals studying with the framework of trial studies, are no longer eligible to take the exams required by the exam regulations. In exceptional circumstances, these regulations can be adapted accordingly, in accordance with Section 17 Paragraph 3 of the admissions regulations.