This information applies to prospective students with a German university entrance qualification for Master's studies.

Admission Requirements for Master


International Perspective Students

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Have you already completed a university degree and now want to pursue a Master course of study? We will show you the way and provide you with detailed information about starting studies.

The first thing you should is look at RWTH Aachen's courses of study.

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In order to complete a Master's course of study at RWTH Aachen, you need

  • an initial university degree – which is serves as your entrance qualification for Master's studies –, with which you can provide proof of the background education necessary for the Master's. This must be both quantitatively and qualitatively equivalent to the required technical background knowledge. You can find the descripton of the required profile in the related exam regulation. Please refer to the box Similar Topics below to read find the necessary exam regulation. You must submit your entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB to enroll in a Master's courses of study. This entrance qualification can be a Bachelor's degree, Staatsexamen, or Diplom for example, and is reviewed to make sure you fulfill the admissions requirements for your chosen Master's program.
  • further, practical achievements or language skills in accordance with the exam regulations
  • in the case of a Master course of study with restricted admission, that is a Master with NC, the study placement acceptance or admissions letter

In order to start a Master course of study at RWTH Aachen, read more under our Application section, to find out whether your course of study requires you to submit an application for Master with NC or an application to have your background education reviewed for a Master without NC.