Dual Enrollment

  Students learning in the library Copyright: © Martin Braun

Studying two courses of study simultaneously - it's possible at RWTH Aachen.  However this is only possible if at least one these courses of study has open admission, i.e. there is no NC.  If you are interested in completing a dual degree, please be aware the workload is twice as much as in a "simple" course of study.


We recommend that you speak with a departmental advisor from each subject. They will help you realistically estimate how much work to expect in a dual enrollment program.

For many courses of study there are tight time constraints for exams. Additionally, many course times often overlap. For this reason, you should make sure you are informed at length and have been advised.



A dual enrollment program is not the same as a double major combination, such as the Bachelor courses of teacher training. In those courses of study, one would study two subjects, each consisting of 50 percent of the workload, but not two separate courses of study, each with 100 percent of their own workload.


To apply for dual enrollment, please submit a request to change enrollment and submit the request along with the required documents to the Registrar's Office before the enrollment deadline.