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Cross-Registration - the right of students to attend courses at a second German university in addition to studies at their home university.


Application Deadlines



The legal foundation for cross-registration is established in the current edition of Section 52 of the North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act. Admission as a cross-registered student in restricted-admission courses of study is generally not possible, as stated in Section 48 Paragraph 2 of the Higher Education Act. An exception to this is the application for small cross-registration. This can also be applied for in admission-restricted courses of study if authorization to attend the courses is obtained.

In order to be admitted as a cross-registered student at RWTH Aachen, you must prove that you are already enrolled at another university in Germany and are not simultaneously taking a leave of absence from your studies.

There is a difference between small cross-registration, as explained in Section 52 Paragraph 1 of the Higher Education Act, and big cross-registration, as explained in Section 52 Paragraph 2 of the Higher Education Act.


Small Cross-Registration

Students who are enrolled as primary students at other universities can be admitted as cross-registered students to take courses and exams. These small cross-registered students cannot take all exams and can be admitted in the same course of study as at their home university.

Small cross-registered students are not eligible to register for language courses offered through RWTH Aachen University Language Center.


Big Cross-Registration

Students from other German universities can be admitted to another course of study upon fulfillment of general admission requirements, especially the university entrance qualification certificate.

Big cross-registered students have complete rights for taking exams unlike small cross-registered students. An academic degree is possible within the Big Cross-Registration.

Please note that you must apply by the application deadline even for open admission Master's courses of study.


Cross-Registration Electrical Engineering With Orientation Semester (ETOS) and Civil Engineering With Orientation Semester (BIOS)

Admission to the 1st course semester (orientation semester) is only possible at the University of Applied Science Aachen.

Admission to the 1st core semester at RWTH Aachen is only possible by applying as a cross-registered student ("small cross-registration").

With the beginning of the 2nd course semester, you may choose – as long as you have a university entrance qualification certificate – whether to apply for a so-called small or big cross-registration or be admitted as a primary student at RWTH Aachen.

If you have completed a university of applied sciences entrance qualification, you will remain a primary student at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen since you cannot be admitted to RWTH Aachen as a primary student. At RWTH Aachen you may, however, still apply for small cross-registration.

In order to find out how to apply for cross-registration in the Electrical Engineering With Orientation Semester program (ETOS) or the Civil Engineering With Orientation Semester program (BIOS), please refer to the step-by-step instructions.


Your Questions, Our Answers

My home university is RWTH Aachen. I want to be a cross-registered student at another university. Do I need to notify RWTH Aachen of this?

No, you do not need to notify RWTH Aachen.

Is cross-registration free of charge?

Small cross-registered students at RWTH Aachen, that are enrolled at another German university, pay 100 euros per semester. Big cross-registered students do not pay any fees.


Further regulations on cross-registration are outlined in Paragraph 12 of the Enrollment Regulations of RWTH Aachen University.