Study Costs and Financing

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What Costs Will I Incur During My Degree?

Good financial planning is a key component in ensuring your degree goes smoothly. It is therefore important you find out what costs you will have to pay the university and what living expenses you will have to cover in advance. Living expenses are for example the Student Body and Social Contribution Fee, colloquially known as the Semester Fee, but also include rent, food, teaching materials, or leisure activities.

You can see the amount of the semester fee charged by RWTH, which varies slightly every semester, in the Campus Management System RWTHonline during enrollment and throughout your degree. In addition, you can find general information on the website of the Deutsche Studentenwerks – a collection of “Studentenwerk” in Germany, which provide various student services.

Financing Planning: BAföG, Scholarships, and Part-Time Work

If you are dependent on external financing, for example because your parents cannot offer any, or only little financial support, there are various possibilities of financing your degree:

BAföG – State Support

BAföG is probably the most favorable means of financial support for students. It is offered by the State and distributed according to the Federal Training Assistance Act. The BAföG Office of the Studierendenwerk Aachen can personally advise you on this matter.

Student Loans

You need to check the different loan offers very carefully. The Studierendenwerk Aachen can offer you advice on the KFW Student Loan or DAKA Loan.

Scholarship – More Than Just Money

The scholarship possibilities in Germany are plentiful and diverse and the requirements vary accordingly. Besides the important financial aspect, scholarship donors can also offer ideal support, for example through seminars, contact with professionals, and internship opportunities. At RWTH, the Education Fund is the most important scholarship program, particularly the Germany Scholarship. You can find further information on our Scholarships and Funding Programs page.

Part-Time Work

Whether in a pub, a cafe, at a reception, or as a student assistant at the university – there are many job opportunities that you can pursue alongside your studies. Please check the regulations on working during your degree on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The RWTH job database is an ideal platform to find out about job openings, for example as a student assistant.