Allocation Process

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How the allocation process works, depends on whether you are pursuing a Bachelor or Master course of study. There is a difference between the various allocation processes.


Local Allocation Process for Bachelor Courses of Study

Some courses of study and subjects at RWTH Aachen have restricted admission. This means that the number of applicants is larger than the number of study spots available. The State of North Rhine-Westphalia determines the number of available spots at the beginning of every semester. Additional study placements are distributed in the local allocation process for Bachelor courses of study. The Student Advice Centres offers annual presentations about this application process.


Allocation via Hochschulstart

Hochschulstart, the Foundation for University Admission, allocates the university placements in medicine and dentistry at RWTH Aachen to applicants for the first semester of a course of study. If you want to switch your study placement in a higher semester, apply for a possibly available university placement directly at RWTH Aachen.


Allocation for International Prospective Students

Are you not a citizen of German or of a country in the EU or EEA? Then participate in the special allocation process for international students at RWTH Aachen in order to get a study spot. You have to apply no matter whether or not the subject you want to study has open or restricted admission. Make sure you apply before the deadline.


Allocation Process for Master

You have the opportunity to pursue a Master course of study at RWTH Aachen that builds on your first career-qualifying degree. While interested students must submit an application for review of their educational background for open admission Master courses of study before they can enroll, restricted admission Master courses of study require an application for a study placement. This takes place through the allocation process for Master courses of study.


Lottery Process

Did you miss the application deadline or turn in your application too late, and were excluded from the allocation process as a result? You have a chance to get any remaining university placements at RWTH Aachen through the lottery process.