Bridge Courses

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Repeat school math one more time? Polish up basic chemistry skills? All of that is possible before your studies through our bridge courses. 


RWTH Bridge Courses

Starting the Beginning of August

The bridge courses start at the beginning of August and end shortly before lectures begin. You can freely decide which courses you would like to take. You can also register for two courses that overlap each other, and then later leave one early.

Basic Course: University Studies – the Transition Made Easy

The Basic Course: University Studies offers orientation tips and tricks to new RWTH students in addition to the preparatory bridge courses.


Online Courses (available throughout the year)

Online Math Course

Our online mathematics bridge course (OMB) is available to you for the whole year. – Online Course Higher Mathematics I

A new online course involving multiple universities has been developed by RWTH and FH Aachen as part of the Online Institutions NRW initiative. The course is designed for both pupils and students. Providing they pass the course, it means they start their studies with the advantage of already having acquired credit points.

From August to October 2022, RWTH will be offering a guided version of the course, offering tutorials and questions and answer sessions, entitled hm4mint-intensiv. HM4mint-intensiv is a course that can be credited as Higher Mathematics 1 in many degree programs. It is an intensively supervised online course with daily instructor hours and tutorials.

Online Physics Cours

Our physics online bridge course is available to you for the whole year.


Overview of All Bridge Courses

Bridge courses taking place before the start of semester Date Online courses (offered throughout the year)

Basic Course: University Studies – the Transition made Easy

Tips and tricks for new RWTH students to help them quickly find their way

  available in a Moodle classroom
Mathematics Bridge Course

September 4 to 29, 2022

Online Mathematics Bridge Course (OMB+)

Computer Science Bridge Course

September 26 to 30, 2023

Chemistry Bridge Course

Date to be announced

Physics Bridge Course
(for students of all faculties)

September 25 to 29, 2023

Online Bridge Course in Physics
(for students of all faculties)
Special Thinking and Design With CAD

August 29 to September 2, 2022


September 26 to 30, 2022

English Linguistics Bridge Course September 4 to 20, 2023  
















The following courses offer the opportunity to earn credit points before you begin your studies, as they can be credied as Higher Mathematics I in many degree programs.

Courses with the chance to earn credit points before beginning your studies Dates Online courses (throughout the year)
hm4mint-intensiv August 1 to October 1, 2022 – Online Course in Higher Mathematics
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Participation Without Study Placement Acceptance

You can also participate in our bridge course even if you have not received acceptance for a study placement in the NC process. Documentation of enrollment is not required.


Participation in the courses is voluntary and free of charge.


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