Supplementary Oral Exam

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The General Examination Regulations ensure that all RWTH Bachelor and Master students have the right to a supplementary oral exam if they have not passed the second retake of a written exam. The prerequisite for this is that the exam was actually taken by the student and that there was no cheating attempt.

This is a supplementary exam, and is not a stand-alone repeat exam. By taking this exam, students have the opportunity to pass the failed second retake exam with a grade of 4.0. It is not possible to achieve a higher grade by completing the supplementary oral exam. Another prerequisite for taking the oral supplementary exam is that it must be conducted shortly after the failed examination. It must be taken within four weeks from the date of the failed exam.

The following applies to students who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to take a supplementary oral exam:

  • The oral supplementary exam is only conducted upon request by the student.
  • You must apply for a supplementary oral examination mmediately after the results of the second repeat exam date have been published and no later than at the exam viewing session. You can authorize another person to attend the viewing session on your behalf if you cannot participate.
  • As soon as the date for the oral supplementary exam is set, the examiner can enter the date for the students in RWTHonline.
  • If the student passes the supplementary exam, the grade of 5.0 of the failed retake examination will be replaced by a grade of 4.0.
  • If you are sick at the time of your supplementary oral exam, you must immediately inform the ZPA of your inability to take the exam and submit a medical certificate. The ZPA will forward the doctor’s note to the respective Board of Examiners, who will issue you a new date.

Should the Examination Board approve of a withdrawal for good reasons, a new date for the examination is to be determined; this date must be within two weeks of the original date. After a period of six weeks, beginning on the day of exam viewing session, the student’s right to a supplementary oral exam expires.



I failed my supplemental oral exam, but still have one free exam attempt left. Can I still take the free attempt?

No, that is not possible. After a failed oral supplementary exam, it is no longer possible to make use of the free attempt regulation.

I failed my third attempt at an oral exam. I would now like to apply for an oral supplementary exam.

This is not possible. Supplementary oral exams can only be requested for written exams.