Femtec Alumnae

  A group of women on a guided city tour Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

You have successfully finished your studies and the Femtec Careerbuilding Program, and mastered the start of your career. For young female engineers, an exciting and challenging time is starting, in which important points for the future career will be made. How nice, that there is a network, in which you can find advice and support!


With out Alumnae-Program we offer Femtec graduates a forum, in which initial job experiences, contacts, and information are exchanged.

Through the support of the union of German ZONTA Clubs e.V., we are able to currently offer three one-day workshops annual on the topic of career at various universities in the Femtec.Network. ZONTA is an international coalition of professional women, who are either self employed or in a management position. The goal of the organizuation is to improve women's status in legal, economic, political, and professional fields. We thank ZONTA for the generous donation!

The first students of the Femtec Careerbuilding Program successfully completed the program in 2003. Since then, the circle of graduates has ground every year with about 40 to 50 young engineerings and scientists. Femtec alumnae are active around the world in various branches and positions.

The first member reunion of the Femtec.Alumnae e.V. took place on September 13, 2008. The goal of the association is support women in technical-scientific careers and to expand the percentage of women in higher and management positions in science, the economy, and politics. It serves to make women's access to technical-scientific jobs and fields of work easier. This also includes representing the interests of women professionals to improve the compatability of career and family. Through the expansion to regional gropus, the alumnae newsletter, and regularly offered workshops for members of the association, Femtec alumnae are connected in a close network.

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