Childcare for Student Parents



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Student Services and Other Institutions Specifically for Students with Children

Aachen Student Services has numerous daycare centers at different locations for the children of students. The Catholic University Association's student services also operates an institution for students' children.

The parent initiatives KiTa Zauberschloss and Uni und Kind e.V. supplement the services for children of students.

Other Daycare Centers

Aside from the institutions that are specially targeted towards students, students can also use any of the other daycare centers in Aachen (public, religious, or otherwise). The KiTa portal offers current information about the spaces available in the KiTas in Aachen.

When choosing a KiTa, it is important to keep in mind that the spots are typically filled on the first of August every year. The allocation process usually takes place before March or April of the same year and that is why we recommend you apply for a childcare spot as early as possible. Prerequisite for being elligible for placement in one of Aachen's KiTas is that your main residence is in Aachen.

In the case that your application is unsuccessful, you as a student can receive legal counseling at the RWTH Student Council AStA. A potential lawsuit should be considered carefully and lawyers with a specialty in the field of administrative law should be consulted.

The RWTH Family Services Center has additional information about daycare centers and childcare.


Nannies offer supervision for three to five children in their own home or another suitable space. This offer is typically used for children under three years of age. The advantage of a nanny is that the hours of supervision are more flexible. This makes childcare possible almost regardless of the number of hours. The begin date of childcare is more flexible as well.

Childcare by nannies is also sponsored by the city of Aachen. This means that a monthly, income-contingent payment (similar to the parent contributions to KiTas) has to be paid to the youth welfare office.

You can find additional information about childcare on the City of Aachen website.

Play Groups

Private playgroups offer hourly supervision up to a maximum of 25 hours per week for a relatively low price. Parents often have to help, for example by sharing the supervision responsibilities, preparing lunch, etc.

Most private play groups accept children that are at least one year old.

Childcare grants for students with children

Students will be able to claim a grant allowing them to cover expenses related to hourly childcare or bridging the gaps in difficult childcare situations during vacations.

The grant is capped at 350 euros per semester and student parent. The Family Service can reimburse 10 euros at the most per childcare hour.

In order to receive such funding you will have to submit your family card and personally apply with the Family Service.

The childcare grant is funded by QVM resources till September 30, 2024, after which it will discontinue.