Annual Talks



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The annual talks have been held since 2010 to complement the target agreements between the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning and the faculty management teams, which typically include the dean, the dean for academic affairs, departmental spokespersons, and the Dean’s Office management.

Since October 2011, the annual talk is preceded by a meeting with representatives from the faculty student councils and a representative from the AStA Student. These meetings serve to exchange information and determine whether or to what extent the agreed measures have been achieved.

The talks revolve around a report compiled by the Teaching and Learning Division. It includes quantitative data from the University statistics team, qualitative data gained through the quality assurance instruments, and a catalog of measures. The report also lists all measures agreed in last year’s meeting and those derived from the student course evaluation. In the taks, it will be verified whether these measures have been successfully implemented. For this evaluation, among other sources, feedback from the Student Union, the faculties and, the university administration will be drawn upon.

The meeting is structured around the quality objectives for excellent teaching. Additional agenda items may be agreed upon. Subsequent to the meeting, the Vice-Rector for Teaching reports the results of the annual talk to the Rector’s Office.

On the part of the Central University Administration, the process is supported by the Teaching and Learning Division. Further data can be accessed by the faculties at any time via the QMSLportal.