Process Management in Teaching and Learning


“Who does what, when, how and with what?” – this is the key question of process management. You have the impression that you should be able to complete your tasks quicker and more efficiently? Or, when your colleagues are absent, you want to know, how to tackle their responsibilities? Or the activities between departments or other organizational units are not clearly coordinated? To all these questions, good process management could offer a solution.



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As part of its student lifecycle and quality managemen activities, RWTH has created the Teaching and Learning Process Management system. Its main objectives are to:

  • Improve understanding of organizational relationships
  • Provide clarity about the responsibilities and activities of the various organizational units
  • Improve the flow of information between all stakeholders
  • Save time - don’t “reinvent the wheel”
  • give employees more time for innovative projects

Process Management helps to improve the quality of your services and your well-being at work.


Our Services – The Process Management Team

We, the Process Management Team, assist staff in teaching and learning as well as students to analyze and document their processes and to uncover optimization opportunities. We offer a wide range of advising services, coaching, workshops on the topic of process management.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Team
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Process Management in Teaching and Learning – FAQ

What are the benefits of process management?

Process management help to clearly define who does what, how, when, and with what. Complex processes are analyzed and documented according to a uniform standard. The process management team also ensures that the processes are accessible for all those involved – that is, that the individual processes are published and kept up-to-date.

When does a process have to be formally defined?

Process management is an essential component of quality assurance, which encompasses testing, measuring, and evaluation. The definition of processes is a valuable tool to support quality management in teaching and learning at RWTH.

Initially, representations for all quality-relevant processes surrounding were created. This is now being further expanded. Every process that is required in teaching and learning to achieve a certain goal is relevant for this process, especially if there is a need for optimization.

Whom can I contact?

You can get in touch with the Process Management Team – for further information, please refer to the contact box.

Who creates the process representation?

  • Option 1: A process is to be documented. A process representation can be created together with those involved in the process, the person responsible for the process, and the process management team.
  • Option 2: Several processes are to be documented. In this case, the process management team offers to train the department's staff accordingly. This makes it possible to publish the formalized processes immediately after review through by the process management team.
  • Option 3: Complex processes should be both documented and optimized. This often concerns processes with many participants across departments and faculties. This requires action at several levels, and the process management team offers workshops in which the processes are optimized and subsequently documented.

What exactly is a process?

A process can be any activity aimed at achieving a goal.

The process regulates who has to do what, how, when, and using what resources in order to achieve the set goal with consistent quality.

Where can I find all process representations?

Formalized processes are published in the RWTH Teaching and Learning Process Portal, which is part of the "Wiki intern" and can be accessed via the university network or via VPN. Please note that it is a German-language portal.

RWTH students, lecturers, and staff can access the Process Portal at any time.

How can I find "my" processes?

You can search for processes via the full text search box or the menu bar.

What is a process map?

The process map shows the structure of process management in teaching and learning at RWTH. It provides an overview of all currently formalized processes in this area.

Are there any instructions on how to document a process?

Yes, please refer to Create Process Documentation (de), which itself is a process, to learn more about how a process should be formally represented, from identification of a need for a new process to its publication. PLease note that a manual for download is available (see "Downloadbereich").

Which processes are documented in the process portal?

All processes that are concerned with the student life cycle at RWTH will be represented in the process portal. If you are unsure whether one of your processes is to be included in the portal, please contact the process management team.