Alumni Gathering in Vienna

  RWTH Alumni sitting at a table in a restaurant Copyright: © privat

RWTH alums at the first “Wiener Stammtisch” after the pandemic.




At the suggestion of alumnus Christian Benten, the first Vienna RWTH Alumni Gathering had already taken place back in 2019. Then came COVID ... Finally, this spring, the Viennese RWTH alumni could meet again for the first time after the pandemic, picking the traditional restaurant "Der Bettelstudent" for their meetup. They decided on the date to be able to include two members of the RWTH Alumni team – Siba Fitzau and Dietrich Hunold – who were in town for this year's annual conference of "," the association of alumni organizations in German-speaking countries. The participants certainly had a lot to talk about after the long break and were happy to exchange the latest news or reminisce about their time at RWTH, all while enjoying tasty Austrian fare. It was also a great chance to get to know each other better and spend some time networking. The meeting was a great success, and it was determined that regular events shall now be held in the Austrian capital.

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