Faculty 4 - Faculty of Civil Engineering


Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology LT and Chair for Laser Technology LLT at RWTH Aachen

The alumni club "Aix-Laser-People" has existed at the ILT/LLT in Aachen since summer 2000.  The alumni club is incorporated into the Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e. V., which has been based in Aachen since 1990.  At each regular (about 4 times a year), alumni club meeting a short presentation is given with news from the ILT/LLT.  Afterwards there is a man presentation held by a former ILT/LLT employee.  Afterwards participants visit a business in the Aachen region.


ITAlumni: the Alumni Network of the Chair of Textile Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Textile Technology

The ITAlumni meeting, which is free of charge for all alumni, first took place in 2001, the evening before the Aachen Textile Conference statt. Ever since then, the Institute of Textile Technology, ITA for short, has annually organized a meeting before the conference, as a reunion, opportunity to exchange thoughts, and social togetherness in Aachen.


VIVTA - Verein zur Förderung des Instituts für Verfahrenstechnik e.V.

The VIVTA e.V. was founded on August 29, 2003 as a friend's association of the Institute of Process Technology. It was entered in the association registry on April 6, 2004. VIVTA e.V. has been recognized as non-profit by the Aachen Tax Office since May 11, 2004. VITA publishes the association magazine "IVT-Information" twice a year, which is sent to members, alumni, friends, and sponsors. Furthermore, VIVTA annually organizes a member meeting. The Aachener Membran Kolloquium, AMK for short, is organized by VIVTA every two years and offers a great opportunity to meet some alumni.


Fördervereinigung Fluidtechnik e.V.

The association focuses on the following: transfer of technology between science and industry, provision and distribution of subject literature, promotion of young talent and research. Fördervereinigung Fluidtechnik e.V. has about 210 members.  A member get-together takes place once a year. Additionally, the association organizes the Internationales Fluidtechnishes Kolloqiuim every two years, switching off with our colleagues in Dresden.


Freundeskreis des Lehrstuhls für Kraftfahrwesen Aachen

The Freundeskreis des Lehrstuhls für Kraftfahrwesen is an association of all alumni and friends of the  RWTH Aachen Institute of Automotive Engineering, ika for short. Through regular meetings, members are given the opportunity to revisit old friendships and get to know various industrial partners. Current ika activities are regularly reported, so that members are kept informed of the institute's going ons.


Freundeskreis des Instituts für Schweißtechnik an der Technischen Hochschule Aachen e.V.

In November 1960, Professor Henning invited the friends and supporters of the Welding Institute to Aachen. These activities lead to the foundation of Freundeskreis des Instituts für Schweißtechnik der Technischen Hochschule Aachen e.V. in May of 1961. A couple of weeks after, the association had been entered into the Aachen register of associations. As Professor Opitz suggested during the foundation meeting, the main task of the Freundeskreis was to be the support of the institute through the contribution of ideas and suggestions for research.

Today, the Freundeskreis mainly consists of leading companies from the field of welding and steel processing and of former ISF - Welding and Joining Institute staff. At present, approximately 30 companies and 130 personal members are consolidated in the Freundeskreis. They cooperate successfully in finding new ways in the field of welding.

The Freundeskreis is co-editor of the actual information brochure ISF-Direct which is published twice a year.