Faculty 6 - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Verein der Freunde und Förderer von Comnets

The "Freundeskreis Kommunikationsnetze" was founded at the Chair of Communication Networks in 1993. The Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Lehrstuhls für Kommunikationsnetze, FFV for short, originated from the Freundeskreis in 1998. It serves as a forum for former students and employees and to help keep in contact with the chair. An annual meeting takes place in the spring, usually on the first Friday after the CeBit fair.


Gesellschaft für Kommunikationstechnik e.V.

The Gesellschaft für Kommunikationstechnik e.V., GfK for short, is a promotional organization for the Institute of Communication Systems and Data Processing, IND for short. The statutory goals of the organization are to promote science and research in the field of communications technology as well as to support conducting scientific events and research projects at the IND.

The organization was founded on July 20, 2001, by 14 members of the IND. Private individuals and businesses may be become members of the GfK.


Ehemaligenverein des Instituts für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft

The Ehemaligenverein des Instituts für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft, the IAEW-Club, was founded in 1999, with the primary goal of nurturing contact of graduates among each other and to the institute. Furthermore, it should provide the framework for discussion of various topics of joint interest.

Every two years the IAEW Club meets together at the institute on the Fridaay after the FGE conference. Preparations for this meetings are made by a team of alumni along with help from the institute. The club has an office at the institute, that processes registrations and inquiries and serves as a platform for the exchange of information.

After the meeting, discussions initiated by alumni take place. In groups of interested alumni, current topics in the field are discussed.


Gesellschaft für Technische Akustik e.V.

The association of alumni and friends of the RWTH Aachen Institute of Technical Acoustics, the Gesellschaft für Technische Akustik e.V., GfTA for short, aims at promoting acoustics in Aachen with particular attention to the talent of well educated and motivated acousticians. The association solicits funds and plans targeted measures, in order to reach this goal in various ways.

  1. Direct financial assistance for student events such as excursions, company visits, visits to acoustically interesting objects, seminars in the shape of travel funds and other funds related to these events
  2. Contact to graduates of the institute for information about the professional aspects of an acoustician and possibilities for internships in the industry
  3. Promotion of particularly highly qualified researchers through the establishment of an award for the bets Diplom thesis of the year at the Institute of Technical Acoustics
  4. Contributions to further education opportunities for acousticians
  5. Contact with graduates among each other and regular organization of alumni meetings

Hochspannungstechnische Gesellschaft an der RWTH Aachen

The non-profit Verein Hochspannungstechnische Gesellschaft an der RWTH Aachen, HTG for short, was founded in 2008 in Aachen. The organization is made up of professors and former academic staff from the Institute of High Voltage technology, IFHT for short. Its goals including the promotion of scientific research, promotion of talented researchers at the IFHT, and the promotion of the creation of a social and professional network. A general meeting of members takes place annually.