March 2014, Issue 135


Alumni News

From Architecture to Computer Games

In 2006, Lena Brenk successfully ended her architecture studies at RWTH. Now she is the Lead Producer for the development of computer games at Firaxis Games, Maryland, USA. There she works with Sid Meier, one of the most influential game designers in the world. You can find out how she got to this point and what experiences Lena Brenk had when entering this new field in the current issue No. 56 of the the RWTH Aachen alumni magazine keep in touch, which is once again available as an interactive e-magazine for iPads and Android tablet PCs with web links, videos, photo galleries, panoramas, and additional extras.

Regional Alumni Get-Together in Munich

45 RWTH alumni recently met together in Munich to tour the company Knorr-Bremse. After a quick and comprehensive introduction to Knorr-Bremse and its worldwide activities, the tour continued to the Knorr Forum, where there an exhibition about Knoor from its founding to today including pictures and brakes for rail and personal vehicles. Safety is most important when it comes to brakes and Knorr values this greatly. Later on alumni received lots of information about technical details that were animatedly discussed afterwards over Italian food at Restaurant Belmondo.


Alumni Spotlight

DPG Award for RWTH Alumna

RWTH alumna Dr. Anne Schukraft recently received the Hertha Spone Prize from the German Physical Society. This prize is annually awarded to female researchers for extraordinary research in physics.

The prize is also intended to encourage young female physicists to continue a research career.

Anne Schukraft is currently a postdoctoral researcher, working on the MicroBooNE Experiment at Fermi National Labiratory in Batavia, Illinois.

Award Professor Uwe Conrath

RWTH Professor Uwe Conrath was honored for his innovative, scientific achievements with the Wissenschaftspreis from the German Phytomedical Society. The prize was awarded for the first time, endowed by the society on the occassion of its 85 year anniversary. Uwe Conrath has been Professor of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at RWTH Aachen since 2004. He and his team investigate how plants manage to more quickly activate their defense systems than plants that are becoming sick. Priming is an identified mechanism that plays an important role. Conrath was a pioneer in understanding the mechanism. The award honors his work in this field.


Science & Business

RWTH Scientists Research Diversity of Soil

RWTH scientists from the Chair of Environmental Biology and Chemodynamics are working on a GBIF-Edaphobase: Information System, Data Repositorium, Data Infrastructure, and Service Platform for Soil Zoology on the biodiversity of soil. The "Edaphobase" information system developed at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Görlitz is the foundation for this scientific work. This summarizes data on soil diversity in vast numbers and makes them usable for different evaluation processes. The information system will be expanded into an assessment instrument for data in Germany and interconnected with the national biodiversity initiatives and institutions.

You can read additional information in the press release.

Aachen Innovation Platform 2014: The Maker Economy

The Aachen Innovation Platform is the annual event by the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management, TIM for short, at RWTH Aachen. Focus is placed on the exchange of experiences among experienced practicians from research and development, TIM, New Business Development, and strategy. The event will take place within TIM Expert Circle at RWTH Aachen, a circle of leading managers and experts in innovation management, most often in large global companies.

The focus of this year's conference on April 10, is the consequences and possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution: consumers today don't wait for the newest developments from established companies, but rather use the possibilities of new systems and create, for example, three-dimensional products according to individual desires in fab labs.

RWTH PVD and CVD Thin-Film Technology

This three day seminar from May 21 to 23, 2014, offers a systematic overview of the potential of modern PVD and CVD thin-film technology.

Backgrounds and principles of different process variants such as the sputter or arc of light process and their possiblities to be implemented, above all in the fields tribology and corrosion protection, will be presented. Additionally, material solutions and layer architectures, such as nanocomposite or nanolayer, will be presented, that serve to fulfill specific demand profiles.

Contact Jeannine Keßel from the RWTH International Academy for additional information and registration.

Executive MBA at Hannover-Messe

The Executive MBA at RWTH Aachen is once again represented at the Hannover Messe this year. You can find us together with our collaborative partner, the Fraunhofer Academy, from April 7 to 11, 2014, at the Fraunhofer Association stand. Get personal advising from us and get to know our Executive MBA Program.

RWTH Executive MBA Program Offers Blended Learning for the First Time

An online module was integrated into the agenda with the 10th anniversary class of the RWTH Aachen University Executive MBA. As is clearly evident through the growing offer of online and e-learning courses, there is a worldwide need to digitalize education or to use digitalized education. Its advantages are clear, such as the temporal independence when learning content and the possibility to adjust this individually to one's learning pace. This resulted in the idea of providing participants in the Aachen continuing education courses of study with the so called basics of business administration with the same benefits.

You can find additional information in the International Academy press release.


Around RWTH

RWTH and FH Aachen Strengthen Their Collaboration

RWTH Aachen University and the University of Applied Sciences FH Aachen have decided to strengthen their collaboration, particularly in research, teaching, and staff development. The aim of the cooperation is to make Aachen one of the most attractive locations for higher education. The Rectors, Professors Ernst Schmachtenberg and Marcus Baumann, as well as Aachen City representatives Mayor Marcel Philipp and Helmut Etschenberg, signed the declaration for cooperation in February 2014.




keep in touch Alumni Magazine Available as E-magazine for Tablet PCs for the First Time

The keep in touch is now available as an interactive e-magazine for iPads and Android tablet PCs, starting with the past issue, Issue 55. The issue can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and in the Google PlayStore.


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