March 2017, Issue 171


Alumni News

RWTH Alumni Meet-up in Hamburg-Harburg

In 2017, we are happy to be able to invite you once again to an RWTH Alumni meeting, namely on Friday, April 21, 2017, at 3:45pm. We will meet at the ContiTech MGW GmbH, which is a technology company and subsidiary of Continental AG engaged in the production of elastomer and other synthetic materials. Our host will be alumnus Andreas Köhler, who is on the staff in the product development and synthetics technology department.

Afterwards, we have a social gathering planned, where we can eat, drink, and chat. Details to follow soon. We kindly request that you register by April 14, 2017, because the number of participants is limited and there are just a few open spots left. You can register online here.


Alumni Spotlight

Environmental Award for Electric Bus Projects

Five companies received the EBUS award, which is presented for environmentally friendly electric bus projects in public transport. Furthermore, Federal Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks and RWTH Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer both were presented with special awards for their dedication to the development and promotion of environmentally friendly innovations in public transport.

Outstanding Contributions to Chemistry

Professor Franziska Schoenebeck from the RWTH Institute of Organic Chemistry has received a “Novartis Chemistry Lectureship” award. Scientists are awarded the lectureship in recognition of “outstanding contributions to organic and computational chemistry, including applications to biology.” Franziska Schoenebeck has now been invited to present the research results of her group in guest lectures at three Novartis sites worldwide.


Continued Education & Career

Alumni Jobs Portal online

For a few weeks now, the Alumni Jobs Portal has been online. Here, companies are given the opportunity to publish job postings for vacant executive positions or for other experienced staff. At the same time, this platform is targeted specifically at our alumni, because RWTH Aachen graduates are always in great demand in the varied fields of research, business and industry, particularly those alumni with professional experience already under their belt. Here you can find exciting offers! If you, as a company, are interested in publishing a job posting, please contact Ms. or the .

International Academy education offers: Reduced fees for alumni network members

When signing up for a continuing education program with RWTH International Academy, you won't have to pay the regular fee, because it will be reduced due to your membership in the RWTH alumni network. When you sign up for courses of study, the fee will be reduced by 10 percent and for certificate courses and seminars the payment will be 15 percent less. Please use the RWTH Weiterbildungsplattform to register with your email address for any of the programs. Other special offers of RWTH International Academy cannot be combined with this alumni rebate.

“Six Sigma Green Belt” Certificate Courses Offered at RWTH

In collaboration with the RWTH International Academy, the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL at RWTH Aachen, is offering various certificate courses (de) in the areas of “Six Sigma” and “Lean Production,” which teaches fundamental concepts and specific knowledge targeted towards the industry's requirements regarding quality management and process design. The courses are targeted at professional and executive staff from manufacturing companies of all different sectors.

RWTH Seminar on PVD and CVD Thin-Film Technology

This three day seminar from May 17 to 19, 2014, offers a systematic overview of the potential of modern PVD and CVD thin-film technology.

Backgrounds and principles of different process variants such as the sputter or arc of light process and their possiblities to be implemented, above all in the fields tribology and corrosion protection, will be presented. Target group are engineers and professional staff who would like to gain insight into methods, current trends and possible applications for PVD and CVD technology..

Please register with , RWTH International Academy, Campus-Boulevard 30, 52074 Aachen, Tel. 0241 / 80-97742 or on the events page (de).


You can find the the WZLforum's professional education offerings at: Continuing Education Events of the WZLforum (de).

19th Family Businesses Career Day – Apply Now

The next Karrieretag Familienunternehmen (de) will be held on June 30, 2017, at Bürkert Fluid Control Systems in Ingelfingen. Thanks to the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, you will once again have the opportunity to meet the owners and top decision-makers for Germany's leading family businesses, such as B. Braun, Hella,and Kärcher. RWTH Aachen alumni, and students who are to graduate soon, receive a wild card, meaning they do not have to go through the official application process, but rather are directly admitted. In order to receive a wild card, applicants have to enter the key word “RWTH Wildcard” on the application form in answer to the question “How did you find out about the event.” Application deadline is May 15, 2017.


Science & Business

Many Subjects at RWTH Achieve Top Results Globally

RWTH Aachen is among the top global achievers in many different subjects. This is the fact attested by the March 8, 2017 edition of QS University Rankings, one of the most recognized university rankings worldwide. Since 2011, the best universities worldwide are determined based on the opinion of thousands of researchers and employers, together with the analysis of millions of research papers and citations. RWTH Aachen has achieved strong results and ranks among the top-listed programs worldwide in 22 academic disciplines.

New Supercomputer for RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen University now has access to a new supercomputer, delivered earlier this month by NEC Deutschland GmbH. The new system will provide researchers in the engineering and natural sciences with high-performance computing capacity and support their wide‐ranging research needs. Thanks to the new supercomputer, RWTH Aachen is now among the top ten German universities in terms of HPC resources. The new high-performance computer is called „Cluster Aix-la-Chappelle,” Claix for short, and is based on compute nodes of the NEC LX series based on the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor product family.

RWTH Aachen University Offers New MicroMasters Program

It is the first German university out of only 23 higher education institutions worldwide to provide such a course of study: Via the edX online learning platform, RWTH Aachen makes it possible for learners worldwide to complete a so-called MicroMasters program. Successfully completed, the credential can be recognized as credit towards a full-time Master's degree program. The English-taught Micromasters from RWTH Aachen University, titled “Managing Technology & Innovation: How to Deal with Disruptive Change,” is scheduled to start in May 2017.

1st Aachen Furnace Construction and Thermal Processes Colloquium

The RWTH Aachen Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering is hosting the 1st Aachen Furnace Construction and Thermal Processing Colloquium on May 11 and 12, 2017. This technical colloquium is marking the 60th anniversary of the institute's founding. The history of the institute began with its inception in April 1957 in Aachen's Intzestraße as the department for the study of industrial furnaces. Today, 28 members of staff work under the direction of professor Herbert Pfeifer in a building including an experimental hall at Kopernikusstraße 10. At the core of the research activities is the optimization of processes and facilities for the production, processing and recycling of iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, or glass and ceramics.

Understanding Global Challenges

In the winter semester of 2017/2018, RWTH Aachen will launch a new Master’s course of study, “Theology and Global Development.” The program will focus on global social, political, ecological, and cultural challenges, all of which have a strong impact on the lives of individuals and society at large. The degree program combines approaches from theological disciplines and various fields in the humanities and social sciences. Provided with a multi-perspective understanding of global processes of change, students shall develop the capability to create strategies and solutions in development cooperation.

Video Series “Stone by Stone”

As part of the "Explain it to me, RWTH!" video series called “Stone by Stone,” specialists from the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology present different types of rock and provide insight into their specific properties and their formation history. The videos are produced in collaboration with RWTH Aachen's Media for Teaching service point, MfL, and published weekly.

WZL takes Substitute Sites into Operation

Almost exactly one year after the destruction of its large machine hall through fire on February 5, 2016, the Laboratory of Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL has put the new substitute halls at Rotter Bruch into operation. The directors of the WZL, Professors Günther Schuh, Fritz Klocke, Robert Schmitt and Christian Brecher, expressed their gratitude to many the partners in industry and research whose generosity helped to secure the WZL's future viability. RWTH institutions and several industrial and research partners from all over the world have provided machines, measuring devices and lab equipment, partly on a loan basis, to re-establish the WZL’s research capacities.



April 7, 2017

Donate Blood at Couvenhalle

April 7, 2017 Circus Roncalli Premiere “40 Jahre zum Regenbogen,” Blücherplatz
April 15, to May 1, 2017

“Öcher Bend”

April 18, 2017

At the Focus: “Ist der Mensch ein Computer? - Zum Verhältnis von Würde und Manipulation” lecture as part of the Hemmerle guest professorship,
6:15 to 7:45pm, Hörsaal HKW1, Wüllnerstraße 1

April 21, 2017

RWTH Alumni Meeting in Hamburg-Harburg

April 27, 2017

At the Focus: “Offensichtlich verborgen: die Aachener Pfalz im Fokus der Forschung”
6:30pm, Krönungssaal at city hall

This is just a small selection of events. Further events in April as well as in the subsequent months can be found on the webpages of RWTH Aachen, of the city of Aachen (de) and at Aachen Congress (de).


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