Why RWTH Aachen?

View from the SuperC building © Martin Braun

RWTH Aachen is a place where the future of our industrialized world is thought about.  The university proves itself as a internationally recognized hotspot, where innovative answers to global challenges are developed.  The academic education at our university is application oriented.  As a result, our graduates are sought after as talented researchers and leaders.


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Choosing A Course of Study

Students in a learning room © Martin Braun

You aren't sure what you want to study? Find out: for example with our Self Assessments, where you enter your personal interests and abilities online.

Courses of Study

Names of courses of study written on a chalkboard © RWTH Aachen

Become familiar with our courses of study and find out what lies behind the Bachelor and Master degrees.

Admissions Requirements

Prospective student during enrollment © Martin Braun

Abi certificate, numerus clausus, and a lottery process - no idea what they are?  It doesn't have to stay that way.  We will explain how you can make it here.

Accommodation in Aachen


That's how many beds Aachen Student Services has to offer students.  Where to find apartments or living communities (WG), get help on financing, and why it is sometimes worth it to cross the border.

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*** Beratung und Angebote für Schülerinnen, Schüler und Studieninteressierte ***

Bridge Courses

Students in a lecture hall © Mario Irrmischer

Repeat school math one more time? Refresh French or Latin skills or start learning them? Polish up basic chemistry skills? Experience a lecture hall for the first time? All of that is possible before your studies through our bridge courses.

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Becoming a Student Made Easy

See how easy enrollment is at RWTH Aachen

Zoë Takvorian studies German and English Teacher Training at RWTH Aachen. In this short video she explains how she gathered information in advance and what she had to pay attention to when enrolling at the University.

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A Good Academic Start in Engineering

Young students © Peter Winandy

In April 2015, RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen kicked off the collaborative project "A Good Academic Start in Engineering." In the project interested individuals can enroll at one of the two universities and try it out for a semester, to see whether they like the subject. The project is oriented towards high school graduates but also individuals at vocational schools and students interested in changing their course of study.

A fundamental program in math, physics, computer science, and mechanics is offered including an elective program with regular offers from the engineering courses of study involved. Participants get to know not only their academic subjects but also everyday University life and their fellow students. There are 200 spots available.

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