Teaching and Learning Mission Statement

© Copyright: Kurt Beyer

As a binding foundation for quality management in teaching and learning, the Teaching and Learning Mission Statement provides guidelines and overarching educational goals for a modern, future-oriented, and sustainable form of teaching, learning, and testing at RWTH.

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Digitalization Strategy for Teaching

Hand writes with a pen on a tablet © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

The use of pedagogically sound blended learning methods is one of the means for improving teaching and learning at universities. Blended learning combines face-to-face classroom teaching with online learning opportunities offered by new media technologies.

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Quality Management in Teaching

Students in a lecture hall © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

RWTH Aachen offers high-quality teaching that involves all university groups from students to professors and focuses on the student learning experience. There are processes in place that seek to continually improve student learning.

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Excellent Teaching & Learning: Strategic Concepts

Teacher explains something on the board © Copyright: Martin Braun

The institutional strategy “Excellent Teaching” aims at improving basic teaching. It distinguishes itself through its strategically broad measures, where students' needs stand at the focus.

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Talk Lehre

People talking at the 2013 Talk Lehre event © Copyright: Michael Heuters

The annual Talk Lehre serves as a platform for teachers, students, and other interested members of the university to discuss topics related to teaching.

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Continued Education

Students in a library © Copyright: Peter Winandy

The Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching, ExAcT for short, offers a personal way for shaping and improving the quality of teaching, oriented towards your individual experience values, needs, and questions.

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Hands on a keyboard © Copyright: Martin Braun

RWTHonline is an integrated campus management system that was gradually implemented at the University and was eventually fully live in Winter Semester 2018/2019.

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Student Lifecycle Management

RWTH Main building and SuperC © Copyright: Martin Braun

Student Lifecycle Management, or SLCM for short, supports the administration of students for the entire lifecycle from enquiry, through application and registration, to graduation. The aim of all SLCM activities is to ensure a smooth student experience.

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