RWTH Receives Funding for Study and Experiment Rooms




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RWTH has acquired funding from two German organizations – the Stiftverband and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation – thanks to its Social Incubator – Social Responsibility as the Foundation and Objective of an Excellent University concept.


This funding will support the development of new study and experiment rooms, or so-called Innovation Hubs. The University will use the prize money of 15,000 euros to enhance the connection between the institution and society, implement service-learning offers, and integrate student initiatives in the activities of RWTH and the city of Aachen. The University is now a member of the Stifterverband’s innovation club – a network which encourages a great exchange of ideas among higher education institutions in Germany.

The University will develop models to enhance regional ecosystems and social innovations and their structural responsibility together with other German higher education institutions such as TU Berlin, arts university HBKSaar, and CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Students at RWTH benefit from the University’s participation in this network with interaction, social responsibility, and the development of new innovative pathways.

‘The prize recognizes our conceptual approach, which can positively influence other technical universities,’ says Professor Aloys Krieg, RWTH vice-rector for teaching. Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten, rector’s delegate for socially responsible education, developed the project with student initiatives: ‘social responsibility can be incorporated into the curriculum as the foundation of sustainable technology development thanks to the project.’

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