Through the Galaxy with RWTH

Who? RWTH's AStA in association with RWTHextern
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Monday, June 05, 2023, until Friday, June 23, 2023

Since 2000, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been organizing the Years of Science together with partners from science, education and cultural institutions as well as stakeholders from politics, civil society, business and the media. During the Year of Science 2023 - "Our Universe", research related to the future topic of Space is to be communicated to diverse target groups in an innovative and dialog-oriented manner through science communication projects.

For this reason, RWTH and municipal partners have launched the event series "Through the Galaxy with RWTH" to bring the topic of Space closer to all interested parties in an exciting and entertaining way. In addition to two exhibitions, "A Look at Our Universe" and "The Big Bang in Motion!", there will be two lecture evenings on the topics of "Moon Factory" and "The Origin of the Big Bang", a tour of the Aachen Observatory and a film evening with the RWTH Film Studio.

RWTHextern in association with the BMBF, the Physics Department, the ITA, SLA and AMT institutes and the observatory of the VHS Aachen.