OWI Confirmed as Affiliated Institute


The RWTH Rectorate has confirmed that the Oel-Waerme Institute, OWI for short, has been granted the status of "Affiliated Institute". RWTH Aachen recognizes institutions as Affiliated Institutes if they perform scientific research that is not conducted at the University and run research and development projects in the service of business and industry.

  Fuel Cell Research at OWI Copyright: © OWI OWI’s core competencies include the development of fuel cell systems

OWI conducts research and development activities in the areas of eco-friendly heat and power generation, such as fuel cell technology and fuel reforming. It develops energy efficient solutions in heating thermal process technology as well as new applications and uses of regenerative fuels.

Based on results from fundamental research, OWI and its partners from research and industry develop new, marketable technologies and products, such as the “smallest oil heating.”

OWI's status as Affiliated Institute demonstrates the high quality of the work undertaken at the research institute. Many OWI members of staff are also instructors at RWTH Aachen, and the institute has been involving students and doctoral candidates in research projects in the context of industrial thesis and dissertation topics.

OWI is one of currently 16 Affiliated Institutes at RWTH Aachen. As R&D centers, they play an important role in enhancing the innovative capability of Aachen as a location for science and technology. With annual expenditures of about €44 million, the affiliated institutes are also an important economic factor in the region.