Information for RWTH Suppliers

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Procurement of Goods and Services

The procurement of goods and services at RWTH Aachen is divided into a centralized and decentralized component. Division 7.3 - Purchasing and Customs Matters is responsible for the majority of the mobile goods and services to be procured.


Terms of Procurement of the State of NRW and RWTH Aachen University

Electronic procurement (e-Procurement)

The automation of administrative processes helps reduce the necessary effort both for you and for us here at RWTH Aachen University. In procurement, digitally supported processes are fast becoming a necessity in terms of awarding contracts.

E-procurement is a generic term used to describe all forms of electronic public procurement. RWTH uses the Vergabemarktplatz, offered by the State of NRW for e-procurement by publishing calls for tenders there electronically.

The introduction of digital processes, however, requires that you learn more about the new procedures as well. Because new procedures do not always make things easier right away, RWTH provides you with some helpful hints to assist you and thus improve our collaboration.

When using a Vendor Management System, or VMS for short, the entire awarding process is represented electronically as a work flow – from the preparation of the service description to publishing and submitting it on the one hand, and subsequent bid evaluation and final award, on the other. You, the bidder, must therefore also submit your bid electronically via a bidding assistant. Please note that if tenders are processed via the VMS, RWTH can only consider your bid if it is submitted electronically.


Purchases by University Institutions

University institutions, such as institutes, chairs, or teaching and research areas, can purchase up to five thousand euros worth of goods, including VAT, within the European Union. This jurisdiction is restricted to purchasing agreements and certain product groups, of which a detailed list here would be too extensive. The university institutions must always use special order forms for their procurement to be authorized to act on behalf of the Chancellor of RWTH Aachen University. Representatives of university institutions are not permitted to negotiate and conclude contracts on behalf of RWTH Aachen University as far as the contract group for particular contractual matters is concerned.

For further information, please refer to the NRW Terms of Contract pages.


Building Operations

The Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb of North-Rhine Westphalia is responsible for building operations unless these are operations for which the university has assumed responsibility as the lessee of the buildings. In the latter case, Department 10.1 - Commercial Facilities Management of RWTH Aachen University would be responsible for procurement. The state-owned company BLB is not part of the public law legal entity RWTH Aachen University.

Internal market relevance

Internal market relevance means that the needs of a contracting authority may be of interest to suppliers from other member states of the EU Single Market. Contracts with an estimated value below the EU threshold are awarded under national procurement law. If a contracting authority concludes that the contract to be awarded under national law may give rise to an interest in participating in the competition in other EU Member States (determination of relevance to the internal market), this must be taken into account when awarding the contract.

When a cross-border interest exists is not regulated by law. There is no definition of the conditions under which a public contract has a transnational character.

Since no reliable criteria can be established for the evaluation of individual cases, RWTH creates the necessary transparency in the competitive bidding process by publishing tender notices for all of RWTH’s needs for goods and services in excess of 25,000 euros. Interested bidders can take part by registering via . Please refer to Vergabemarktplatz NRW for RWTH’s calls for tenders.