Junior Meets Senior Mentoring Program



Juniors include all international doctoral students. They are invited to the kick-off event by the Welcome Center of the RWTH International Office and then matched with a mentor to receive support on their career path.



All research alumni of RWTH are potential Seniors. They are invited to the kick-off event by the RWTH Alumni Team and are then matched with their mentees – the Juniors – to share their experiences.



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The Junior Meets Senior mentoring program, which started in 2021, aims to connect international doctoral candidates at RWTH (Juniors) with experienced research alumni (Seniors). The idea is to support the Juniors on their career path at RWTH and beyond.

Every year, new Juniors (or mentees) – have the opportunity to be matched with a Senior (or mentor). All interested mentors and mentees meet in an online kick-off event, which may result in future mentor and mentee relationships. The experience, insight, and guidance provided by Seniors is often invaluable to people at an earlier career stage and empowers them to identify and take their next step.


What Does the Mentoring Relationship Look Like?

Juniors have the opportunity to get matched with a mentor, who is experienced in the Junior’s research topics and interests and who is thus in a position to offer support, advice, and guidance. Prospective Juniors are recommended to prepare possible questions in advance and think about areas where they need support.

Not only can the Junior benefit from the experience of the Senior, but also from their academic and professional networks. Furthermore, the mentor supports the mentee in familiarizing them with both formal and informal structures and rules of German organizations.


Our Seniors – Short Profiles

The following mentors (Seniors) are currently participating in the program:


How to Participate

The prospective Juniors, that is, all interested international doctoral candidates, are invited to the kick-off event by the of the RWTH International Office. The Alumni Team invites all interested Seniors to participate in the event.

You are interested in participating in the program, would like to receive more information, or did not receive an invitation? If so, please contact the Welcome Center of the International Office.

If you are a research alum and would like to become a Senior, please get in touch with the .

We are looking forward to meeting you!

  Professor Philip von Doetinchem Copyright: © privat

The RWTH Junior Meets Senior program makes it possible for me to connect with international RWTH students. It's fun to share my experiences in academia, especially from a US perspective, and give advice on all kinds of small and big problems doctoral students are typically confronted with.

Professor Philip von Doetinchem, “Senior”

  Dr. Fan Zeng Copyright: © privat

„I really enjoyed my time as senior sharing knowledge especially within respective scientific domain as well as in industry, offering updating information and experience accumulated as a senior, trying to lighten up potential navigation lights for juniors.”

Dr. Fan Zeng