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RWTH Aachen offers varying overnight accommodations in three guesthouses within direct proximity to the university campus: the Haus Königshügel, the Terrassenhaus, and the Europagästehaus.



  • Train connections out of Cologne, Dusseldorf, the Netherlands, and Belgium to Aachen Main Train Station or Aachen West Train Station
  • From Aachen Main Train Station with bus Number 11 to Alter Posthof, further with Lines 12, 22 or 75 to Melatener Straße
  • from Aachen Main Train Station with Line 3A to Westbahnhof
  • from Aachen West, the guesthouses can be reached in five to ten minutes by foot



Hotel Area Room per night
Single room at Haus Königshügel/ Europagästehaus 42.00 Euros
Double room at Haus Königshügel/Europagästehaus 55.00 Euros
Breakfast 6,00 Euros

Apartment Area Month
Apartment at the Terassenhaus 1) 535.00 Euros
Double apartment at the Europagästehaus 2) 650.00 Euros
Single apartment at the Europagästehaus 405.00 Euros
Deposit 3) 400.00 Euros
Event Rooms 4)
Fireplace lounge/Parquet room 100.00 Euros per hour or 700.00 Euros per day
Club Room 40.00 Euros per hour or 280.00 Euros per day


Address & Approach Sketch

Melatener Straße 31 to 35 52074 Aachen


1) The apartments at Terrassenhaus are particularly for families with children.

2) Use of a handicap accessible apartment in Europagästehaus is charged as a single or double apartment depending on occupancy.

3) A deposit of 400 Euros is required for room use, which is offset against the cost of a final cleaning and possible compensation.

4) Use of the event room is permitted till 10pm at the latest.