Innovation Pioneer

Dr. Annika Hauptvogel Copyright: © Siemens AG

RWTH alumna Dr. Annika Hauptvogel in a interview with keep in touch.


The latest issue of our magazine for alums, keep in touch, is now out! A key figure in this latest issue is Dr. Annika Hauptvogel, Head of Technology & Innovation Management at Siemens AG. She studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and she pursued her doctorate at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH from 2011 to 2015. Annika Hauptvogel passed her doctorate with distinction and was awarded the Borchers' Plaque.

In an interview with keep in touch, she talks about her many years of collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, the Industrial Metaverse, and her time at the WZL, which she still looks back on fondly today.

Other highlights are a feature on AI Week at RWTH, student initiatives, and the startups Accure and Voltfang.

Check out the latest issue of keep in touch here.