RWTH Aachen University MOGAM Scholarship for Korea

  RWTH Aachen MOGAM building Copyright: © Nadine Hermanns

As part of our cooperation with high-profile partner universities in Korea, RWTH Aachen offers MOGAM scholarships for research stay abroad at one of the universities in Korea listed below lasting at least three months.

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Basic Information

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Doctoral Candidates
Master’s Students
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Alumni Funds Scholarship

The Korean term "mo-gam" roughly translates as "making the earth blossom." In 2007, Korean RWTH alumnus Dr. Young-Sup Huh made a donation to RWTH which made it possible for the University to build the MOGAM Learning Center. THe MOGAM scholarships were created in recognition of Dr. Young-Sup Huh's dedication and his contribution made to RWTH Aachen University.


Master's students and doctoral candidates from all disciplines are invited to be inspired by the motto and study or research at one of the outstanding Korean research institutions listed below. Because these are advanced-study research projects, MOGAM is not able to fund undergraduate students. Scholarship recepients receive funding of 3,000 Euros from RWTH Aachen if their research abroad period lasts at least three months or 90 days. MIRAI is just for research stays. Therefore study stays cannot be supported.

If your host university is not one of the partner universities listed or you want to embark on a study abroad period, you can apply for a PROMOS scholarship instead.


Your Application

Please send the following application documents in English in one PDF file via email to four months before your planned research stay abroad:

  • CV / Resume
  • Motivational letter and description of your research project at RWTH Aachen
  • Confirmation of a supervisor of the partner university
  • Academic record with grades
  • Evaluation from a RWTH professor

Double Funding

Double funding of the same stay abroad through different RWTH Aachen scholarship programs (PROMOS) or other public or private German or Korean funding organizations such as the German Academic Exchange Service, PROMOS, or scholarships offered by the partner university and host country, such as ASEM Duo, is not possible. Payments and compensation for expenses by the partner university also fall under the Double Funding.

The scholarship can only be awarded once. Repeated sponsorship is not possible.

If you have been approved for funding through an RWTH PROMOS scholarship, through the German Academic Exchange Service, or through the Japanese partner university, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible because double funding is not possible in this case.

However, the MOGAM Scholarship can be combined with a scholarship from the Education Fund/National Scholarship.

Only students enrolled at RWTH Aachen University can apply for this scholarship.