Three Teams Win Innovation Award

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Co-Reactive, OSPHIM, and NileTech have been presented with the 2023 Innovation Award.


With its annually presented Innovation Award, RWTH recognizes University projects that contribute to enhancing the Aachen region’s innovative capacity. With Co-Reactive, OSPHIM, and NileTech, three teams were honored with the Innovation Award this year.

Team Co-Reactive from Aachener Verfahrenstechnik (AVT) received the award for developing a process for the mineralization of CO2. “As a result of our research, we can now store CO2 as a mineral solid,” explains Dr. Andreas Bremen from AVT. Cement plants are responsible for around eight percent of global greenhouse gases – a gigantic figure. Co-Reactive makes this CO2 usable, producing a fine-grained solid for the cement and concrete industry in order to establish an industrial cycle for the unavoidable emissions.

Injection molding machines produce a large proportion of plastic parts such as dowels or bottle caps. The OSPHIM team has optimized the set-up process for these systems with the help of AI technology. As plastic has a complex material behavior, the set-up process is time-consuming. Louisa Desel from OSPHIM said: “We use our platform to bring digital methods directly to the machine,” which supports machine operators in setting up and optimizing the processes. OSPHIM has created a flexible, modular AI infrastructure; the data is recorded directly at the machine via a small box and optimized in the associated platform – “a plug and play solution to save a massive amount of time and plastic material,” says Desel.

What will the optimal microprocessor of tomorrow look like? It will be a RISC-V processor, argue Lennart Reimann and Niko Zurstraßen from Team NileTech at the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems (ICE). RISC-V is an open and license-free standard for processors which, according to Reimann, has the potential to break through traditional market structures by making it easier for small companies and research institutions to develop their own tailor-made processors. If a company wants to use the standard for itself, it can use the solution developed by NileTech, the RISC-V Instruction Set Explorer (RISE), to considerably shorten the time to get familiar with the world of RISC-V. "RISE is more than just a tool, it is part of a revolution," says Reimann.

RWTH Innovation GmbH provides administrative support for the award, asssiting wit creating the call for proposals. The ideas submitted are evaluated on the basis of technology used, innovation potential, customer benefits, plans for development, commercial potential, and overall impression. For the first time, the winning teams received a trophy, created in the Maker Space of the Collective Incubator.


Members of the winning teams – Co-Reactive, OSPHIM, and NileTech

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