RWTH Late Night: CO2 Tinder and Whisper Challenge

A woman and a man on stage Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Entertaining, funny and informative: The first installment of RWTH Late Night in the Oecher Lab – a new event series in the style of well-known TV talk formats – was a success.

  Two men on stage Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

It was a fun night for presenter Oscar Malinowski, the 100 spectators in the packed Oecher Lab on Kapuzinergraben, and guests Professor Niklas von der Aßen, Chair of Technical Thermodynamics at RWTH, and Hannah Schnitzler, project engineer at the Cylib battery recycling start-up. Von der Aßen clearly enjoyed the trip out of the lecture hall, amusing the audience by telling them that he is currently working on a kind of CO2 Tinder, aiming to bind greenhouse gases. But only for the short term – “we're talking about a one-night stand here rather than marriage.”

  A women and two men looking into the camera Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

However, von der Aßen did not only create feel-good vibes for Malinowski – the presenter shared his own special memories of the dreaded thermodynamics exam he had to pass as a student. Von der Aßen, in turn, offered many insights into his life within and outside academia, highlighting his commitment to sustainability, his passion for running – as documented on the strasse_fuer_strasse Insta page – and his dedication to social issues, a combination of interests and purposes which has earned him the nickname, “the Joey Kelly of RWTH”.

One of the hottest start-ups at the moment is RWTH’s spin-off Cylib, whose project engineer Hannah Schnitzler was also a guest at the RWTH Late Night. “The world has reached a critical point,” she says, and her involvement with Cylib has given her the opportunity to take action. Charming, clever, quick-witted – Hannah Schnitzler turned out to be a great ambassador for her profession, encouraging and inspiring young women to form a passion for engineering. She was at a loss for words only once: When she had to lip-read words such as “e-scooter charging station” during one of the show’s games, the Whisper Challenge.

The Late Night Show was hosted by RWTHextern in collaboration with the Oecher Lab and was accompanied by music from the combo of the RWTH Big Band Aachen e.V.