Five RWTH Researchers Inducted Into acatech


RWTH now has 34 scholars in the German National Academy of Science and Engineering.


RWTH is represented in acatech via five newly inducted researchers. A total of 39 members were recently inducted. acatech is the German National Academy of Science and Engineering and is funded by the federal and state governments as a national academy. It acts as the mouthpiece of technical sciences in Germany and abroad and provides independent, fact-based, and public interest-oriented advice to politicians and society on issues relating to the future of technical sciences and technology policy. The Federal President is the patron of the academy.

RWTH is now represented on the committee by the following members: Professor Stefan Böschen, head of the Chair of Technology and Society at the Human Technology Center at RWTH and Director of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg Aachen: Cultures of Research; Professor Katharina Klemt-Albert, head of the Chair and Institute of Construction Management, Digital Engineering and Robotics in Construction; Professor Steffen Leonhardt, Chair of Medical Information Technology and Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering; Professor Robert Pitz-Paal, head of the Chair of Solar Technology and co-head of the Institute of Solar Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Professor Bernhard Rumpe, Head of the Chair of Software Engineering.

This means that of acatech's 600 members, 34 work at RWTH. They were inducted into the Academy for their scientific achievements and reputation. The whole range of RWTH disciplines is represented: from engineering, natural sciences, and medicine to the humanities, and social sciences.