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Otto Junker scholarships provides financial support for students who wish to embark upon a study abroad period. Eligible to apply are German full time students and international full time students with a German educational background enrolled in one of the follwing degree courses at RWTH:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy
  • Metallurgy and Materials Science


  • Diplom student must have passed the intermediate exam ("Vordiplom"); Bachelor students must have successfully completed two years of study in their degree course
  • At the start of the study abroad project the student must not be beyond his or her 12th semester of study
  • The study abroad period should be between 3 and 12 months. Financial support may be granted for up to 10 months.
  • Applicants must submit a statement by one of their professors that exams taken and qualifications obtained abroad are fully recognised by RWTH Aachen University.
  • Scholarships are not awarded to students who wish to complete their degree abroad.
  • Financial support is not granted for study abroad projects at host universities who have entered into ERASMUS or similar agreements with RWTH's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technolgy or the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science.
  • Students must provide evidence whether or not they are receiving or have applied for financial assistance by other funding bodies (e.g. BaföG, German Academic Exchange Service, Host University). Students receiving financial assistance are expected to specify the amount of funding they are receiving.
  • Applicants must introduce themselves to Professor Wolfgang Bleck, who is the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Otto Junker Foundation.

The Otto Junker Foundation provides financial assistance with:

  • Costs of living. The Foundation provides financial support according to the DAAD guidelines. Scholarships applicants are expected to finance about €300 of the living costs by themselves.
  • Travel costs if the host university is not located in Europe. Financial support is provided according to the DAAD guidelines for travel stipends for interns

Financial assistance is not provided for additional costs such as tuition fees, higher health insurance fees, etc.

Not eligible for funding are internships abroad.

The application form (in German) is available for download.

Complete applications (including a professor's letter of recommendation, see above) must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of teh study abroad period to the International Office. The International Office evaluates all applications and makes recommendations to the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Junker Foundation, Professor Wolfgang Bleck.

Funding Institution

Otto Junker Foundation