English B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher


Key Info

Basic Information

Bachelor of Arts
School Type:
Gymnasium and Gesamtschule
Start of Studies:
Winter Semester
Standard Period of Studies:
6 semesters
ECTS Credits:
180Mehr Informationen

What does that mean?

ECTS are credit points that measure the workload of one's studies. A Bachelor in Teacher Training encompasses 180 ECTS, which are distributed over both subjects, pedagogical studies, and the Bachelor thesis.

German and English

Admission Requirements

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB Mehr Informationen

    What does that mean?

    General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), subject specific university entrance qualification, or an equally recognized university entrance qualification (HZB)

  • Proficiency in German and English --- Mehr Informationen ---

    What does that mean?

    --- Zur Einschreibung in diesen Studiengang muessen Sie Kenntnisse in allen Unterrichtssprachen nachweisen. Details regelt die Pruefungsordnung. ---

Admission to First Semester

NC for WS 2023

Admission to Higher Semesters

NC for the 2nd-4th Core Semester
from Core Semester 5

Enrollment Requirements

  • SelfAssessment --- Mehr Informationen ---


    RWTH Aachen self assessments are online advising processes for deciding what to study. Participation in one (rarely two) of these self assessments is mandatory. You can find which self assessment you need to take for this subject in the course of study description under "Prerequisites". You will need to show proof of participation in a subject specific self assessment in order to enroll (not to apply). You can print out the participation certificate yourself.

Language Requirements

  • See Course of Study Description

Dates and Deadlines


Linguistics and literary studies are at the center of this subject, as opposed to the acquisition and application of the foreign language. Good English skills are much more required and advanced in language exercises.

Linguistics focuses on the structure and function of language, above all the English language, with linguistic theories, langauge development and aquisition, and computer linguistics.

In literary studies, primary texts from different genres and periods in American and English literature are analyzed using theories and models and considered within their contexts. Other areas in the subject include cultural studies, and English pedagogy, which deal with the basics of teaching English as a foreign language and theories in creating lessons.

Just as in school, students should have fun reading and having critical discussions during their studies. Furthemore they must also possess preparedness for examining difficult theoretical texts and composing longer texts in the form of homework and papers.


Degree Content

The program is laid out in three basic modules, which introduce students to the fundamentals of linguistic and literary studies and language practice. Three further modules follow, which advanced the basic knowledge in example areas. There are also two independent modules on cultural studies and pedagogy.

Study Abroad

Studying English as an instructional subject includes an at least three month study abroad in an English speaking country. Proof of one's stay abroad must be submitted by the time certificates are handed out. The details of the study abroad can be cleared up with the departmental student advising. Moveonline Exchanges database is helpful if you want an overview of all RWTH Aachen exchange programs.


Combination Possibilities

Two of the following instructional subjects are combined in studies for teachers at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen: biology, chemistry, German, English, history, computer science, Catholic religious education, math, physics, technology education. Every subject can be equally combined with another. However, computer science and technology education cannot be combined with each other. Course of Study Model Lehramt at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen (de)


Decision Aids

Should I become a teacher? Do I want to work as a teacher? If you are asking yourself these questions, there are a few services to help you get to know yourself:

RWTH Aachen Self Assessment
All About Teacher Training
Career Counseling for Teachers
Fit für den Lehrerberuf



Personal Prerequisites

New students should love English, enjoy reading and read a lot, be prepared to examine theories and models, enjoy traveling abroad, particularly in English speaking countries, and already possess good English skills.

Enrollment Prerequisite

The RWTH Aachen "Lehramt" Self Assessment is an enrollment prerequisite for this course of study. You will need to submit your participation certificate when you enroll, but not in order to apply.

Language Requirements

This program is offered primarily in English. When enrolling, students must provide proof of English skills at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, GeR for short. This proof can include, for example, submission of a German Abitur certificate. The certificate must show that English was taken through to the end of Qualifikationsstufe 1, that is year 11 for the G8-Abitur, otherwise year 12, as either a basic or advanced class and was completed with at least sufficient performance.


Career Prospects

You can find information from the NRW Ministry of Schools about the career prospects for various fields of teaching through 2039/40 in the brochure Prognoses on the Job Market for Teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia (de).


Master's Degree Prospects

After successfully completing the Bachelor degree, you can continue with the Master of Education (4 semesters). With this degree, you can start your teaching practice (This phase used to be called "Refendariat" instead of "Vorbereitungsdienst".)

Since your Bachelor degree opens up various futher education possibilities, you can - depending on your subject combination - persue other Master's programs. The respective exam board will decide whether or not you are qualified for a Master's that is not in the field of education.


Examination Regulations

Exam regulations regulate academic goals and prerequisites, the course of study layout, and exam procedures. The appendix to the regulations contains the description of the modules, from which the course of study is composed.

General Regulations: Comprehensive Exam Regulations of RWTH Aachen Bachelor Teaching Training for Gymnasien, Gesamtschulen, and Berufskollegs

Special Regulations: Subject Specific Exam Regulations (de) (The current version applies to all first year students.)



Studies in English are offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.