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A new online course involving multiple universities has been developed by RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen as part of the Online Institutions NRW initiative. The course – the first of its kind – will start in Summer Semester 2019. By the end of the year, a total of 17 institutions in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia will officially offer the online course in higher mathematics for their courses of study in engineering.

The course is designed for both pupils and students. Providing they pass the course, it means they start their studies with the advantage of already having acquired credit points. The course is also useful for students attending the lectures and courses in (Higher) Mathematics I.

The course offers a script with tasks that are corrected online by tutors. In addition, the participants benefit from a virtual tutorial – the so-called Mathematics Call Center – that addresses any problems students have. At the end of the semester, two regular exam dates will be offered at the different universities.

Further information is available on the German-language course website at H4MINT – NRW (de).

Students enrolled at RWTH can also register for this online course via RWTHonline by registering for the online course Higher Mathematics 1 by Professor Krieg.