Dyslexia – Fears, Deficits, Strategies


On May 14, 2019, from 6:30 to 8pm, RWTH Aachen University presents the lecture titled "LRS und inklusiver Unterricht – Ängste, Defizite, Strategien" as part of the "Aachen evening talks on the inclusive school" lecture series. The event is hosted by the Teaching and Research Area Diversity of the Institute of Educational Science, represented by Professor Nina Kolleck.


Dealing with dyslexia, or LRS for short in German, presents quite a challenge in both regular classes as well as in special needs education: Teachers find themselves torn between needing to impart necessary, subject-specific konwledge that is simply beyond some pupils' grasp, and having to provide each and every one of their students in the classroom with regular day to day guidance.

This lecture gives an overview of the research results regarding teachers' subject-specific knowledge and their expectations regarding self-efficacy in dealing with dyslexia. After that, the consequences of little knowledge and little self-efficacy will be highlighted and solutions to improve training in the areas of diagnostics, teaching and remedial education will be discussed.

The speaker will be Professor Alfred Schabmann, chair of the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Cologne.

The event will take place at HKW 2, HKW lecture hall complex – also nicknamed toaster, Wüllnerstraße 1 in Aachen. Admission is free.

Source: Press and Communications