The present pages provides information on the follwing topics:

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Liability Insurance
  3. Accident Insurance
  4. Household Insurance

1. Health Care

It is very important that you are sufficiently insured during your stay in Germany. You must have health insurance and present proof of it, when applying for your residence permit in the Foreigners’ Office. Doctor’s visits and hospital stays can result in enormous costs. Aside from the fact that you need to present proof of insurance when applying for a residency permit, having health insurance is absolutely essential.

Public vs. Private Insurance: What for whom?

Any enrolled students in Germany, in semesters 1-14, who are younger than 30, are required to have health insurance, and can purchase public health insurance. However doctoral candidates and post docs do not fall under the group of students required to have insurance. You can no longer be publically insured, but rather must purchase private health insurance.

Since it is easier to process, we recommend being insured by a German or European insurance company. If you come from an EU member state, you should verify that your insurance in your native country is valid here. If this is not the case or you do not come from an EU member state, you should find an insurance company here after your arrival in Aachen.


We recommend having travel insurance for the trip and for the initial part of your stay in Germany (until you purchase insurance here).

Notes on Private Health Insurance

If you acquire private health insurance, keep in mind these general points:

  • If the insurance is not purchased before your arrival, you should do so immediately afterwards. Most insurance must be purchased within the first seven days of an individual’s arrival. Insurance coverage starts after the contract has been signed and the first premium has been paid. Please note that any medical services will be covered only after you have received membership confirmation from your insurance company.
  • Premiums are set on a graduated scale according to age. Most insurance companies accept individuals up to 70 years of age. Premiums are almost always considerably higher for women than for men.
  • By reading the insurance conditions you can better compare companies‘ services and premiums
  • There are generally insurance restrictions for the following services: tooth replacement, glasses, psychotherapy, and pregnancy. For some insurance companies, there are certain waiting times for some treatments.
  • Treatment for pre-existing conditions is often excluded.

Some insurance companies have information available in English and other languages. The International Office has composed a list of private insurance companies that is regularly updated. The list should give you an initial overview of what is out there, but is not guaranteed to be complete or 100% accurate. Furthermore, we cannot comment on the companies’ quality of service.

You can request the list by or by telephone: +49 241 80-906 60.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Insurance Office offers group insurance, which includes health/sickness, personal accident, and private liability insurance, for international DAAD scholarship recipients and national and international partner organizations (DFG, endowments, Deutsch-Französische Hochschule). Detailed information about the conditions and costs, lists of the partner institutions, and application forms are available on the DAAD website.

2. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers damage costs, if for example, you cause an accident with your bike or cause others damage through your behavior. Should you cause an accident, hurt someone or damage their possession, while you do not have liability insurance, you will most likely have to assume the resulting costs for the rest of your life.

You contact the International Office Info Service Center for more information about liability insurance.

3. Accident Insurance

If you are enrolled as a doctoral student or employed as an academic/research employee, accident insurance is covered for you by your studies or employment at an RWTH Aachen institute. If you should have an accident, notify RWTH Aachen immediately. Doctoral students, or post-docs, working as research assistants or academic staff, should contact the Occupational Safety and Health - Division 10.61 at RWTH Aachen, whereas enrolled students should contact the

Student Services Infopoint
Phone.: +49 241 80 93200

Scholarship students, who are insured through DAAD group insurance, must immediately register any damages with the DAAD Insurance Office.

If you are neither enrolled at nor employed by RWTH Aachen, you absolutely must purchase accident insurance, either with health or liability insurance.

4. Household Insurance

Household insurance insures your apartment and valuable possessions against damages due to fire, robbery, water, vandalism, storms, etc. If you decide to purchase household insurance, we recommend compiling a list of your belongings and their receipts, in order to later be able to more exactly estimate damage costs. We also recommend taking pictures of valuable possessions (such as an insured bike).