Applying for and Extending Your Residence Permit


Important Note

Please note that due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, the immigration office’s branch at Super C building (Templergraben 57) currently accepts requests for appointments by email only. To make an appointment, please send an stating your first name, family name, birth date and purpose of the appointment (application for residence permit or extension of residence permit for example) and attach a scan of your passport and visa or residence permit. If you have multiple first and/or family names, please remember to mention all of them in your email!

You should apply for a residence permit around eight weeks before your visa or current residence permit expires.

Please note that the immigration office is currently handling many requests so it may take up to several weeks until they get back to you. Please wait for their response and refrain from sending any further emails or calling them. As soon as you have applied for an appointment, your case is considered pending and there are no negative repercussions if your residence permit expires before you had your appointment.



+49 241 5198-3367 / -3368 / -3369



Trips to countries in the Schengen Area

Please note that until you have a residence permit, you may travel to other countries in the Schengen Area only if your visa allows multiple entries to Germany.


Registration of residence

The first formality you have to be deal with upon arrival is registering your address with the Citizens´ Services Office (Bürgerservice/Einwohnermeldeamt). Typically, your personal data will then be transferred to the Immigration Office within a few days after registration.


Application for a residence permit

EU Nationals and Nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

You only need a valid passport or ID card as well as the registration certificate issued by the Citizens' Services Office during your stay in Germany. You only need to register your place of residence with the Citizens' Services Office for stays in Germany lasting three months or more.

Non-EU Nationals

If you have entered Germany with a visa for the purpose of pre-study programs, such as a German language course, or for the purpose of university studies (Bachelor, Master or Postgraduate studies), you will have to, after registering your current address in Germany at the Citizens' Services Office, apply for a residence permit with the respective Immigration Office responsible for your country.

Citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America

You do not require a visa to come to Germany for the purpose of studies, but you will still have to register for a residence permit with the Immigration Office two or three business days after registering your current address in Germany at the Citizens' Services Office. Citizens of Switzerland will receive a residence card or Aufenthaltskarte.


Place of application for the residence permit

For those international students at RWTH Aachen whose primary residence is located in the city region of Aachen, the following agency is responsible:

Agency Immigration office branch at RWTH Aachen

Templergraben 57
Room 421 or 422


+49 (0)241 80 -90820, -90821, -90822

Office Hours Monday and Tuesday, 8am to 12:15pm
Wednesday, 8am to 12:15pm and 2 to 4:45pm
Friday, 8am to 12pm

Students, who hold a residence permit from another city and have relocated to Aachen, have to apply for a residence permit in Aachen now. They have to go to the following agency:

Immigration Office of the city region of Aachen – located at the Central Train Station
Hackländerstraße 1
Appointments via

Issue of electronic residence permits

Immigration Office of the city region of Aachen – located at the Central Train Station
Hackländerstraße 1, Info point 3rd floor

Monday and Tuesday: 8am to 3pm
Wednesday: 8am to 4:45pm
Thursday: 8am to 1pm
Friday: 8am to 12pm


Extension of the Residence Permit

It is essential that you always have a valid residence permit during your stay in Germany. As a rule this permit can be extended as long as your purpose of stay is still valid.

Issuing the electronic residence permit takes several weeks. This is why the Immigration Office recommends applying for an extension four to six weeks before your current residence permit expires.


Fees are collected for issuing and extending a residence permit.

First Issuance: 100 euros

Extension: 93 to 96 euros (depending on the extension period)