Application Requirements


Students are eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ program under the following conditions:


Applicants must be enrolled in a full degree program at RWTH Aachen. Visiting students are not eligible.

When to Study Abroad

Eligible to participate in Erasmus+ are students who have completed the first year of their Bachelor studies as well as doctoral students. The faculty or department determines the year of study in which the study abroad period should be taken, depending on the degree course and its requirements.

Duration of Study Abroad

The study abroad period must be between three and 12 months, including multiple stays, see below under Multipe Stay Abroad Periods.

Exchange Placements

Please note that for each faculty, there is a different number of available places – please see Erasmus+ Exchange Possibilities by Faculty. Applications to "neighboring" faculties are only possible the faculty or department in question offers closely related courses of study. If you want to apply to a different faculty, please contact the relevant Erasmus+ coordinator

Multiple Stay Abroad Periods / Multiple Funding

In the Erasmus+ program students have the chance to undertake study periods or internships abroad in each phase of studies: at the Bachelor's, Master's, and doctorate level. At each stage, the overall time spent abroad is not to exceed twelve months. The maximum period of study or work abroad in single-cohort degree programs, such as Staatsexamen, is 24 months.

A Sample Scenario

During her Bachelor's studies, a student embarks on a five-month Erasmus+ supported study abroad period at a European partner university and is funded through this program. During her Bachelor studies she completes another Erasmus+ study stay lasting five months, adding a two-month Erasmus+ internship. The student receive funding for all the mobilities and has thus used up her "Erasmus quota" of 12 months per study phase.

During her Master's studies, this student undertakes an eight-month Erasmus+ study abroad period at a European partner university. Then she may apply for further support for an Erasmus+ internship abroad lasting a maximum of fourth months. Thus, also at this stage of her studies, the student may receive support from both funding lines.