Activity as Language Teacher


You can experience university teaching and learning from the other side of the fence by working closely with RWTH language teachers.

For German-speaking RWTH Students

For many international students it is difficult to initiate contact with their fellow German students. They often look for an opportunity to talk about everyday topics in a relaxed atmosphere outside of lectures to improve their language skills.

Do you have excellent spoken and written German skills? If so, you can assist the international students with learning German in German tutoring classes. The so-called “Deutschstunde” takes place on Fridays between 1-3 pm (except during the semester holidays). Supervisors form small conversation groups with participants and discuss everyday topics or help them learn language skills through games and other activities. As a supervisor, you would be responsible for eight class hours. Of course, you are free to choose the dates depending on your availability. If you are interested, please send an to the project coordinator.

For international students

Co-teacher at the RWTH Language Center

You would like to teach your native language to other students? Become a co-teacher at the RWTH Language Center. There you can support the classes as a native speaker, help students with their homework, or help to create teaching materials.

Possible responsibilities:

  • Create teaching materials: the Language Center could record your reading texts in your native language and use the recordings for language lessons
  • Homework supervision: once a week you supervise language course participants who have to complete tasks and activities in your native language.
  • You act as a co-teacher and contribute to individual lessons. The degree of your participation can be arranged with our teachers.

If there are any open co-teacher positions for your native language, we will invite you to a meeting with the relevant language teachers in order to talk about further details. If you are interested, please send an to the project coordinator.

Work as a language teacher at the Foreigners' Representation (AV) of ASTA:

In addition to working at the Language Centre, you also have the opportunity to teach your mother tongue at the AV language courses. The AV is the foreigners' representation of the ASTA and organizes language courses for RWTH students according to their needs and requirements.

Would you like to teach your language to interested fellow students? Then please contact the AV indicating the language you would like to teach and your availability. If you have taught (at least) 4 dates of 2 hours each (a total of 8 hours), this commitment will be recognized as a component of the Certificate International. Proof is provided via the AV.