German Teacher for AEGEE Summer University


On a yearly basis, AEGEE Aachen e.V. organizes a summer university (SU). The SU is part of a European wide project, initiated by AEGEE, during which two to three weeks, courses in over seventy cities are organized for students from all over Europe.

As part of the SU in Aachen, a language course is organized, in which around 20 young adults with basic German language skills from all over Europe participate. For this reason, AEGEE Aachen e.V. regularly looks for students every summer who ideally study German or languages in general, to get experiences for their studies.

The Summer University always lasts two weeks and normally takes place between August and September. It begins with a meet and greet weekend, during which participants, organizers, and the language teachers spend a few days together in the Ruhr region or the Eifel. The rest of the program takes place in and around Aachen and consists of various activities, such as vising the three country point, daily excursions to Cologne or Maastricht, and much more.

The language class is composed of ten blocks, each four hours long. Participants are separated into two groups depending on their language skills. Material includes grammar exercises and free writing, whereby class should always maintain a reference to the Summer University program and is organized beforehand by the language instructors in collaboration with AEGEE Aachen.

The language instructors are invited to all activities during the Summer University. For more information about the Summer University or for current dates, simply send an , look at the website, or stop by the AEGEE Aachen meetings, every Monday at 9pm in Café Papillon.