RWTH Professor Rainer Telle Named Honorary Member of the German Ceramic Society


Professor Rainer Telle, Chair of Ceramics and Refractory Materials at the Institute of Mineral Engineering at RWTH, has been named honorary member of the German Ceramic Society, DKG for short.


Telle received the honor "for his diverse services to ceramics and his commitment to society." He has been a member of the Society's presidium and the management board since 1994 and was head of scientific work until 2007.

The DKG is the largest ceramic society in Europe and was founded in 1919 as a professional organization for ceramics and as a technical-scientific association. It has been committed to promoting ceramics in technical, scientific, and artistic areas since then. In total, the Society has only awarded 24 honorary memberships in the past 100 years.

Telle first studied mineralogy, crystal chemistry, crystal physics, and reservoir-petrology, then went on to the topics of physical metallurgy and metal physics and subsequently received his doctorate in advanced ceramics from the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart. Telle then held various positions at the Institute, finally as Deputy Head of the Powder Metallurgical Laboratory, until he was appointed professor at RWTH in 1991.

Telle has already received several awards and honors, including honorary professor at Anhui University of Technology in China and the Distinguished Lecturer Award of the Materials Research Society of Japan.

Source: Press and Communications