"Why Pugs Have Breathing Problems and What That’s Got to Do With Genetic Engineering"


RWTH doctoral candidate David Spencer to educate audiences at the SuperC.


David Spencer is undertaking a doctorate at RWTH Aachen in “Sustainable pest management through targeted alterations of plants’ secondary metabolism.” As a science slammer, he thrills and inspires a broad national audience with his science. He had also entered the science slam competition at the 2018 RWTH Science Night and won it with his talk comparing the overbreeding of pugs and plants. He is planning to make use of his prize – free use of the rector’s parking space in front of the RWTH Main Building – in a different manner: On Monday, June 17, 2019, he will be joined by fellow campaigners at an information booth to educate the public about genetic engineering.

The booth will feature examples from plant research, while short talks will furthermore give an overview of different areas of application of genetic engineering, also comparing them to standard breeding practices. Various objects will be on hand to better illustrate the topic with respect to food, molecular biology, or plant research. The campaign aims to stimulate discussions on “green genetic engineering,” address the risks and opportunities of modern plant breeding and promote confidence in science. The event’s organizers are convinced that genetic engineering can make a positive contribution in these times of climate change, sustainability, and famines.

Anyone interested is warmly invited to check out the event in front of the Super C building from 10am to 8pm.

Source: Press and Communications

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Interview with RWTH biologist David Spencer on the topic of "Genetic Engineering"