Excellent Teaching & Learning: Strategic Concepts

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Excellent Teaching Competition

In October 2009, RWTH Aachen was recognized in the Excellent Teaching competition for its institutional strategy "Students in Focus". It is one of six universities, whose concepts for improving basic teaching in German university development were funded with prize money of one million euros by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in Federal Republic of Germany (KMK). The prize money should be used for the optimization of information that prepares students for studies, for better support in the beginning of one's studies, and for the development of innovative projects in teaching.

  four core areas of the Excellent Teaching future concept

Students at the Focus of Excellence

The institutional strategy "Excellent Teaching" aims at improving basic teaching. It distinguishes itself through its strategically broad measures, where students' needs stand at the focus.

Since recognition in 2009, different working groups in the four core areas have propelled and recorded further successes.

Through the innovative teaching and learning concepts, student focused support services and optimized quality management and further education systems should ensure that at least 75 percent of students in a beginning cohort, to whom university studies were recommended, successfully complete their studies. This goal should be achieved in ten years at the latest, without RWTH Aachen lowering its exisiting quality standard.

Films and Podcasts on the Excellent Teaching Competition
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