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The Exploratory Research Space, ETS, was established as part of the Institutional Strategy for Teaching – building on positive experiences in research – in 2009 at RWTH Aachen. ETS' aim is to create a platform for creative idea generation in teaching at RWTH.

Calls are published annually. Submitted proposals are evaluated internally by RWTH and then sent to the ETS selection committee, which is made up of the ETS steering committee, an elected academic staff representative, and a student representative. The selection process is subject to the code of conduct and pre-determined selection criteria.

The funding period lasts up to twelve months. Grants can be used for both material and personnel costs.


ETS Projects 2019

ETS-Number Title/Topic Applicant Institute
ETS 407

ETS Grants for Play and Check Teaching and Learning Innovations - Interactive Real-Time Structural Analysis (InteReSt)


Prof. Sven Klinkel

Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics

ETS 431

AR-Sandbox: Haptic Augmented Reality in Education


Prof. Dr. Florian Wellmann

Computational Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Unit

Dr. Simon Virgo

PD Dr. Julia Kowalski

Division of Earth Sciences and Geography

Dr. Christoph

von Hagke

ETS 405

A Serious Game for the lecture on Children and Youth Literature


Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim Jürgens

German Language Pedagogy Teaching and Research Area (didactics of literature)

ETS 423

AIXplain - student teaching videos enrich RWTH teaching


Prof. Dr. Heidrun Heinke

Chair of Experimental Physics I A and I. Institute of Physics

ETS 397

OutcropWizard - The mobile database of points of geological interest


PD Gösta Hoffmann Neotectonics and Natural Hazards Teaching and Research Area
ETS 403

VR in Teacher Training or The Flight Simulator for Teachers


Dr. Ilona Cwielong

Teaching and Research Area of General Pedagogy with a Focus on Technology and Media Education

Prof. Dr. Sven Kommer
Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder The Learning Technologies Research Group
Dipl. Gym. Matthias Ehlenz
ETS 413

Optimized group formation in computer science


M.Sc. René Röpke The Learning Technologies Research Group
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrik Schroeder
ETS 419

Introduction of online programming exercises with automatic grading integrated into Moodle


Dipl.-Inform. Tatjana Eiden Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon
Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lankes

Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

ETS 425

Competence-oriented eAssessment in Statistics with DYNEXITE


Prof. Dr. Maria Kateri

Teaching and Research Area Applied Stochastics

Prof. Dr. Erhard Cramer

Teaching and Research Area Applied Stochastics

Prof. Dr. Udo Kamps

Chair of Statistics and Institute for Statistics and Business Mathematics

ETS 428

Inverted classroom with integrated research data management using the example of the master lecture on sustainable coordinative polymerization catalysis


Prof. Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis

Chair of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

ETS 421

Interactive cardiac physiology in virtual reality


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marc Spehr

Chemosensation Laboratory

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Torsten Kuhlen

Teaching and Research Area Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization

The ETS Steering Committee
Professor Aloys Krieg Vice-Rector for Teaching
Dr. Elke Müller Head of Department 4 – Research and Career
Professor Heribert Nacken Rector's Delegate for Blended Learning
Dipl.-Kff. Claudia Römisch Head of Division 6.2 – Teaching
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