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The Exploratory Research Space, ETS, was established as part of the Institutional Strategy for Teaching – building on positive experiences in research – in 2009 at RWTH Aachen. ETS' aim is to create a platform for creative idea generation in teaching at RWTH.

Calls are published annually. Submitted proposals are evaluated internally by RWTH and then sent to the ETS selection committee, which is made up of the ETS steering committee, an elected academic staff representative, and a student representative.

The selection process is subject to the code of conduct and pre-determined selection criteria.

The funding period lasts up to twelve months. Grants can be used for both material and personnel costs.

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ETS Projects 2020

ETS-Number Title/Topic Applicant Institute
ETS 434



Univ.-Prof. Antonello Monti

Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

ETS 435

Game-based Learning of Theoretical Information Technology


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Schmeink

Teaching and Research Area for Information Theory and Systematic Design of Communication Systems

ETS 437

Anatomy on the living: When the engineer palpates his skeleton and the scientist watches his heart valve at work.

Abstract (de)

Dr. med. Dipl.-Phys. Anjali Röth

Chair for General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery

apl.-Prof. Dr. Martin Baumann

Institute of Applied Medical Engineering

ETS 439

Base Friction Table


Prof. Dr. Florian Amann

Department of Geology and Hydrogeology Engineering

Dr.Pooya Hamdi

Dr. Anja Dufresne

ETS 441

Teaching and learning portal for remotely promoting reading

Abstract (de)

Prof. Hans-Joachim Jürgens

Teaching and Research Area of German Didactics (Literature Didactics)

ETS 444

Memory® games in practical training - Addressing new problems with the help of traditional games

Abstract (de)

M. Ed. Simon Goertz

Teaching and Research Area of Experimental Physics – Physics Institute III B

Prof. Heidrun Heinke

ETS 445

Web access for the Cyber-Physical Mobility Lab

Abstract (de)

Dr.-Ing. Bassam Alrifaee

Chair of Computer Science 11 (Embedded Software)

ETS 447

3D-Thermochemistry: Representation, evaluation, and application of three-dimensional energy curves and phase diagrams

Abstract (de)

Prof. Jochen Schneider

Chair of Materials Chemistry

Prof. Klaus Hack

Dr. Moritz to Baben

ETS 454

Web-based interactive platform for playful exploration of fluid technology systems

Abstract (de)

Prof. Katharina Schmitz

Chair and Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems

Dr. Olivier Reinertz

ETS 455

GeoPhyphox - Jointly exploring the subsurface via smartphone

Abstract (de)

Interim Professor Dr. Florian Wagner

Chair of Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy (E.ON Energy Research Center)

Dr. Norbert Klitzsch

The ETS Steering Committee
Professor Aloys Krieg Vice-Rector for Teaching
Dr. Elke Müller Head of Department 4 – Research and Career
Professor Heribert Nacken Rector's Delegate for Blended Learning
Dipl.-Kff. Claudia Römisch Head of Division 6.2 – Teaching
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