Starting University in 2023 – What Parents Want to Know



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Parents wanting to support their children in choosing a degree program tend to grapple with many questions all at once. They are talking about matters as a family, but advertising, the rumor mill, and new regulations for how study places are allocated also catch their attention. Many things are just as new for the parents as they are for prospective students. Most parents are only partially familiar with the Bachelor and Master system, the growing variety of courses of study, and the rules for how study places are allocated. Schoolyard rumors and “hearsay” often drown out the correct information and thus prevent young high-school graduates from being able to assess and use their opportunities well.

Our talk – held entirely in German – is based on questions we frequently hear from students in our academic advising sessions. We will provide you with all the essential information you need to know when your children are planning to start a degree program, cutting through the rumor mill or the hype. All the members of our academic advising team would, of course, also be happy to assist any prospective students directly and can answer their questions – in German – by telephone or via zoom. We ask for your understanding that we are happy to provide parents with information – again, only in German – but do not offer parent counseling per se.

Our topics:

  • Between advertising and truth - Searching for the “ideal” course of study
  • Open or restricted? Opportunities and constrictions in the Bachelor and Master system
  • Money is an issue! Financing studies and financial aid
  • Start now or later? Waiting periods, voluntary service, and internships
  • How to get a study placement: application and enrollment
    Overview of Important Information
    Target audience Parents of prospective students who are on track to complete their Abitur in Germany
    Venue The lecture is offered both online and in person. The type of event can be seen under "Registration" for the respective dates.
    Academic Advisor
    Language German

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