Boys' Day

Thursday, April 25, 2024


Target Group

Male School Students

Topic Area

typical non-male career fields

Event Organizer

Student Advice Centre

Type of Event

Project Day

Event Location



1 day






+49 241 80 99353



Boys' Day has taken place for many years in Germany on the fourth Thursday in April in addition to Girls' Day. Male pupils from grades 5 to 10 from all schools have the opportunity to take a look at a number of interesting work and career fields, that they may not have been aware of beforehand. Impressions of Boys's Day 2016 at RWTH Aachen can be found here.


RWTH Aachen, in collaboration with the University Hospital, also provides participating students with the opportunity to get a taste of everyday work life at its different institutes, chairs, and workshops through different projects and workshops.

You can register for the event via the Boys‘ Day Radar at the nationwide Boys‘ Day website.

Boys' Day will be held on April 25, 2024.


Men are desperately needed in education, community, and social service occupations. But among the twenty apprenticeship jobs in the dual system that boys choose most often, not a single one is from the social, educational, or healthcare field. That is also one of the reasons why showing boys a broader spectrum of career choices is essential. Boys’ Day is an excellent opportunity for boys to gain exciting insights into social professions while also giving them a chance to discover hidden talents they didn’t realize they had.

Raimund Becker, Member of the board of directors of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Office)